Friday, 19 August 2016

Mr.Chips chapter 16 to 18 test

Part 2 test 10
1.After the first stupor of grief
a.       stirring
b.      time
c.       trance
d.      flavour
2.A gaze half rapt quizzical
a.       quick
b.      inquiring
c.       disturb
d.      sleepy
3.Grandpa stayed up ______ two in the morning. 
 a. since
b. for
c. until
4.She replied into negative
a.       She replied in the negative
b.      She replied in negative
c.       She replied into negative
d.      She replied into the negative
5.The more we get, more we want
a.       The more we get, the more we want
b.      More we get, the more we want
c.       The more we get, more we want
d.      More we get, more we want
 Goodbye Mr. Chips 
Q.1     How did Chips perform his duties during his second headship?
Q.2:     When and how did Chatteris die?
Q.3:     What happened to Chips on November 11, 1918?
Q.4:     Describe the air raid at Brookfield.
Q.5:     What was Chips' will?
Q.6:     What was the condition of Chips' health in the last few years at Mrs. Wickett?
Q.7:     How did Chips spend the last period of his life at Mrs. Wickett's?
Q.8:     Where did Mrs. Wickett go a day before Mr. Chips' death?
Use the following Idioms in your sentences.
  • take to task
  • tow the line

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