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1st year Physics Chapter 2 Vectors and scalar MCQs

PHYSICS              CHAPTER 2 

1. Which one of the followings is a scalar? 
(a) Energy   (b) Velocity    
(c) Force   (d) Torque 

2. Which one of the followings is a vector? 
(a) Length   (b) Volume    
(c) Velocity   (d) Work 

3. In which one of the followings are all the three quantities vectors? 
(a) Displacement, velocity, energy    
(b) Force, work, energy 
(c) Displacement, velocity, momentum  
(d) Velocity, acceleration, power 

4. The reverse process of adding two vectors is called 
(a) multiplication (b) subtraction   
(c) resolution     (d) none of these 

5. The resultant of two vectors of equal magnitude inclined at some angle is equal to the magnitude of either of the two vectors. The angle between the two is 
(a) 60°   (b)90°    
(c) 120°   (d) 180° 

6. Tick the answer which is correct for     R = A + B. 


7. Which figure represents   R = U – V? 


8. The result of adding   A into – A is 
(a) A (b) 2 A  
(c)  O (d) 0 

9. The unit vector of a vector   A is given by 
^ ^ A
(a) A  = A A (b) A  =    
^ A ^ A
(c) A  =   (d) A  =  
10. When a certain vector is multiplied by – 1, then the direction of the vector changes through 
(a) 90°   (b) 120°      
(c) 150°     (d) 180° 

11. Rectangular components make an angle of 
(a) 0°   (b) 60°    
(c) 90°   (d) 120° 

Vector and scalar12. The minimum number of unequal forces whose vector sum is zero must be 
(a) 1   (b) 2    
(c) 3   (d) 4 

13. One of the rectangular components of a velocity of          
50 ms-1 is 30 ms-1. The other component in ms-1 is 
(a) 15   (b) 20    
  (c) 25   (d) 40 

^ ^
14. For the two vectors  Ax = (20 N) i ,  Ay= (20 N) j , the angle made by the resultant vector A with the x-axis is 
(a) 45°   (b) 135°    
(c) 215°   (d) 315° 

15. Which of the following forces cannot be added to give of a resultant of 2 N? 
(a) 1 N and 1 N   (b) 1 N and 2 N   
(c) 2   N and 2  N   (d) 1 N and 3 N 

17. Two forces act together on an object. The magnitude of their resultant is least when the angle between them is 
(a) 45°   (b) 60°    
(c) 90°   (d) 180° 

18. If  |A+B| = |A – B| where A and B are two vectors of equal magnitudes, then the angle between A and B is 
(a) 0°   (b) 60°    
(c) 90°   (d) 180° 

^ ^
19. The angle subtended by r = 3 i  + 4 j   with x-axis is 
(a) 53°   (b) 30°    
(c) 41°   (d) 60° 

^ ^
20. The magnitude of a vector  A = Ax i  –  Ay j  is 
(a) A2x  + A2y   (b) Ax2 + A2y    
  (c) A2x  – A2y   (d) A2x – A2y  

21. The dot product of two non-zero vectors equals the product of their magnitudes only if the angle between them is 
(a) 0°   (b) 90°   (c) 120°   (d) 180° 

22. For which of the followings pair of angles, the dot product of two vectors is equal to the one half of the product of  magnitudes of two vectors? 
(a) 60° and 120°   (b) 60° and 240°  
  (c) 60° and 300° (d) none of these 

23. For a vector A, 
(a) A •  A = 0 (b)  A •  A = 1 
  (c)  A • A = A (d)  A •  A = A2 

24. Which one of the followings is correct? 
^ ^ ^ ^ ^
(a) i  •  j  =  k   (b) i  •  j  = 0 
^ ^ ^ ^ ^
  (c) i  •  j  =  1   (d) i  •  j  = –k   

^ ^ ^
25. Given A = 2i – 2j + k  , the magnitude of this vector is 
(a) 1   (b) 2    
(c) 3   (d) 5 

26. If A  B lies along + z-axis, the vectors   A and B will be in  
(a) xz-plane   (b) xy-plane    
(c) yz-plane         (d) x-direction only 

27. The cross product of two non-zero parallel vectors  A and B is 
(a) AB sin    (b) AB    
(c) AB sin      (d) O 

^ ^ ^ ^
29. If A = Ax i  + Ay j  and B = Bx i  + By j  are two non-
parallel vectors, then the direction of A  B is along 
(a) A (b)  B  
(c) x-axis   (d) z-axis 

^ ^ ^ ^
30. If A = A1 i  + A2 j  and B = B1 i  + B2 j , the number of components in the vector  A  B is 
(a) 1 only   (b) 2 only    
(c) 3 only   (d) 4 only 

31. If A • B = 0 and A  B = 0, then 
(a) either A or B is a null vector.    
(b) A and B are non-parallel.    
(c) A and B are perpendicular to each other.    
(d) A and B are parallel to each other. 

32. The vector product is  
(a) commutative   (b) anticommutative 
  (c) associative (d) additive 

33. The cross product of two vectors has a magnitude equal to the product of their magnitudes. Their dot product is equal to 
(a) AB sin  (b) AB cos   
(c) AB (d) 0 

34. Torque produced by a force depends upon 
(a) magnitude of the force and the angular velocity   
(b) magnitude of the force and displacement   (c) magnitude of the force and moment arm         (d) force and acceleration of the body. 

35. A couple consists of  
(a) two equal and opposite forces acting at two different points on the body    
(b) two equal and parallel forces acting at two different points  (c) two equal and opposite force acting at a point on the body  (d) two equal and parallel force acting at a point on the body. 

36. The arm of a couple is  
(a) any distance between the forces 
(b) the shortest distance between the forces  
(c) perpendicular distance between the two forces     (d)     the longest distance between the two forces.  

37. If the resultant of all the forces acting on a  body is zero, then the body 
(a) has angular momentum (b)  has acceleration  
(c)  is at rest   (d) is in translational equilibrium 

38. Three coplanar forces acting on a body keep it in equilibrium. The forces must be  
(a) collinear   (b) concurrent    
(c) non-concurrent (d) parallel 

39. If the line of action of the force passes through the axis of rotation, then the torque is 
(a) zero (b) maximum 
(c) clockwise in direction (d) counter clockwise in direction 

40. ˆi . (ˆj * k)ˆ equals 
(a) ˆi (b) kˆ  
(c) 1   (d)  0 

Key to Test Chapter 2 

1 a 21
2 c 22
3 c 23
4 c 24
5 c 25
6 d 26
7 b 27
8 c 28
9 c 29
10 d 30
11 c 31
12 c 32
13 d 33
14 a 34
15 b 35
16 a 36
17 d 37
18 c 38
19 a 39
20 b 40

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Sunday, 2 April 2017

FSC part 2 Result BISE Rawalpindi

Result of intermediate Part 2 is expected to be announced on 17 September 2017 as it was announced last year on 10 September 2015 just a day before the famous 9/11.
There is a very little possibility of result being delayed or declared earlier.Currently,the official source of BISE Rawalpindi is silent on topic of result as they always remain.They love to give surprises so they break silence with a lot of screaming from students that their papers were either unchecked or checked wrongly.
Currently SSC annual result 2017 has been announced which you can check:
1st year result of 2017 would be declared even a month later on 10 October 2017 just 5 days after the day of deadly Earth Quake of 2005.

Result is not declared yet,but it is expected to be declared soon on 17 September 2017 after EID.Stay connected with NUSTWEB for further updates. 
But don't worry as this result would not be a turning point in getting admission to a good university as NUST and PIEAS rely more on their entry tests.NUST doesn't even take 2nd year result into consideration while granting admission so stayed unworried about the result.
May God give you excellent marks.
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2nd year result 2017 of Punjab Board

2nd yearInter result 2016 will be announced soon.The expected date of result of second (2nd) year predicted to be 17 September 2016 while the result of  1st year will be announced on 10 October 2016.
The result of all boards in Punjab will be announced on their respective official sites.If you want to know your result through email,simply comment below mentioning your roll number and respective board.
As soon as the result will come out,we will share your result with you.You will also be able to check your result of FSC part 1 by simply entering you number after the form is provided like this:
1st year result
The same will be procedure for second year result.
So simply stay connected with to get news of result date and also result when it will be announced.
You can also find plenty of material for preparation of inter exams.Simply look into the sidebar of site to get helping material for free. 
You can also browse all 2nd year helping material
You can also find practice MCQs and past papers for almost all entry tests conducted in Pakistan.Request us anything in comments if it should be present here.  
We will keep an eye on result of all boards mentioned below.
1 BISE  Attock 

2 BISE Kasur 

3 BISE Okara 

4 BISE Bahawalnagar 

5 BISE Khanewal 

6 BISE Pakpattan 

7 BISE Bahawalpur 

8 BISE Khushab 

9 BISE Rahim Yar Khan 

10 BISE Bhakkar 

11 BISE Lahore 

12 BISE Rajanpur 

13 BISE Chakwal 

14 BISE Layyah 

16 BISE Dera Ghazi Khan 

17 BISE Lodhran 

18 BISE Sahiwal 

19 BISE Faisalabad 

20 BISE Mandi Bahauddin 

21 BISE Sargodha 

22 BISE Gujranwala 

23 BISE Mianwali 

24 BISE Sheikhupura 

25 BISE Gujrat 

26 BISE Multan 

27 BISE Sialkot 

28 BISE Hafizabad 

29 BISE Muzaffargarh 

30 BISE Toba Tek Singh 

31 BISE Jhang 

32 BISE Nankana Sahib 

33 BISE Vehari 

34 BISE Jhelum 

35 BISE Narowal 
Share knowledge with your others and don't forget to comment below.Happy holidays!
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NUMS 2016 past paper


Kindly practice it well,if you can score well in it,everything else will be easy for you.
(NUMS entry test 2016 )
NUMS entry test past paper
This test was held in 6th of August in different cities of Pakistan. For admission in different medical colleges of Punjab.
All the questions are here with written in raw form.
The next test ill be held on 18th September.

Here we begin with queries asked in paper.

NUMS paper 2016

1-Newton's rings are result of?
 a)polarisation b)diffraction
2-Illuminate means?
3-What is the opposite of conceal
4-Bones in skull
5-An electron is moving along the axis of solenoid force acting on it will be??
7-how much ml of blood is pump by each contraction
8-what normal rain make with co2
9-which is used to purification of water to avoid harmful substance ans:O3
10-Fundography ????
11- Superficial
12-Fundography? Heart, liver, stomach or eyes
13-moisture anatom
14-superficial anatomy
15-Choose the correct order of osmotic pressure
Bacl2,Nacl and sucrose
16-If amplitude is 200 intensity is 300 then if amplitude is increased to 800 then intensity ?
17-Choose the correct option for ideal gas equation
18-Shape of tobacco mosaic virus? Ans is rod shaped
19-IUPAC name of that cyclic structure?
Ans : 4-ethyl-1,2- dimethyl cyclohexane
20- Bile is use in fat emulsification .
21-phylum ..
Radial symmetry is in -------
21-Amphibian heart has ---- chambers
22-Cathode ray are??? Electrons
23-Amphibian heart ???chamber?
24-With Cl2 the disinfectant used for water purification???? Ans O3
25-Villi present in ?? Bacteria Small intestine
26- The common units of carbohydrates.....
Cell wall is secreted from
27-Plasm membrane is named so because it surrounds
A. semifluid cell contents
C.cell wall
28-Which is not a basic unit of cell is
Cell wall
Cell membrane
29-Electric conduction is high in
A.solid nuclei
Sugar sol
C. solid graphite

30-There's a compound that on hydrolyses gives C3H7NH2... if that same
compound is reacted with dilute HCL... then the new compound formed will

Biology Questions

  •  Number of bones in skull.
  • Group of cell performing same function.
  • amphibians live on? Water, water and land, land, air
  • Amphibians heart is ___ chamber?

ans :- 22....tissue...water & land...3 chamber
14 facial...and In cranium 2 pair 4 impair...=22
32- Mutation occurs in:
All of these
33-Which one is macromolecule
C.magnesium oxide
Chromium reacts with H2SO4 to give the following complex (complex don't remember)... the colour is:
MCAT 2016 past paper
35- Superficial is opposite in meaning to?
A.deep b- shallow c- real
36-You should stick ..... your promise.
37-Ethanoic acid can not be converted to ethanyl chloride by reacting it with:
38-DNA is found in which of the following?
a) Golgi complex
b) lysosome
c) mitochondria
d) ribosomes.
39-Genetic mutation occur in
40-Ribosome has which rna?
41-Which enzyme present in stomach curdles the milk?
42-Germ theory was given by
Robert koch Antonie Van Leeuwenhoek
43-Resultant force Diagram in which resultant force on baloon was asked.
43-Amphibians lives on?
a) on water
b) on land
c) on water and on land
45-Chubby synonym (fat)

46-There was an algorithm question if anyone remembers that? And what
symmetry question . I chose Cnidaria with radial symmetry (Only cnidaria
is radial...porifera belongs to parazoa)
47- 2nd common type of hepatitis?
48-Mature cells of the cartilage called
D.none of these
49-What was the answer of that black pig question??
(3 black one white)
hybrid black Guinea pigs are crossed with each other. The resulting off springs will be?
1. All black
2. All white
3. 3 black, 1 white
4. 3 white, 1 black
50-Fundography is used to study/check the functioning of ? A) Heart B) Eye C) Liver D) Stomach
51-There is an other enzyme in breast milk that causes the coagulation of milk or forms precipitates of milk.... it is:
.Which of the following is not sedimentation algorithm.
Don't remember the options vertical force on an object with 1000N upward force, 9000N downwards and 500N towards left.
1. What are egg laying birds called
2. Which of the following have both external and internal digestion
A. Hydra
B planaria
C. Cockroach

54-Which is not the part of segmentation algorithm? (Snake)
55-Bacterial endospore ensures?
56-gravitational constant unit?
57-similar group of cells performing the same function are called?
58-which organ has its DNA always

59-Which of the following is wurtz reaction.
60-Milk drinking babies have this additional enzyme
61-which one of these posses intra-cellular and extracellular digestion? hydra , pitcher plant , planaria , cockroach ?
62-Egg laying mammals...???
63- Lead is removed from silver by using ....???
64-Why are neutrons readily penetrating particles?
A. They have neutral charge

65-Respiration results in how many ATPs ...???
66-Change to indirect speech
Ali thought, "she went home."
Something like this
67-Change to passive
1. The group was watching the movie.
2. The lion ate the rabbit.
3. Brush your teeth.
68-Shape of TMV virus
69-Egg zygote two celled cell blastula gastrula?
70- Its a process in which solution moves from outside to inside the cell..

71-When glucose moves from body fluid ti blood which process takes
place endosmosis ,active transport, osmosis facilitated diffusion
72-H20 will react with?
73-Which RNA is present in ribosomes????

NUMS Physics and Chemistry

 Ideal gas constant?
Speed is 10m/s and frequency is 5 Hz.find wavelength?
It temperature increases by 2 ...what will be effect on general gas equation...? Ans is I think 2nR.....
3 moles of CH3CH2OH reacts with 1 mole of PBr3 to produce 1 mole of X and three moles of CH3CH2Br....what is X....?
K19 will have electronic configuration...?
The diff between saturated and unsaturated fats...? Ans...unsaturated have double bonds....
The internal energy of the system is 560 and the work done by surroundings is 320....find Q...?

75-The values might not be was....if the high heat
reservoir is at 400J and low heat reservoir is at 300J....calculate the
physics76-Ecological succession starting from drylands....?
77-Genetic mutation occur in?
a) Rna b) Dna c) gene d) all
78- Liver Bile help in digestion of which of the following?
(a) protein (b)lipid (c) fats (d)amino acid
79-Brush your teeth...
CN- ,CO, NO+ have which of the following in common
80-Ali thought ,"She went to Lahore".
Indirect direct narration.
81-Tobacco Mosaic Virus (TMV) is.?
A- spherical.
B-tadpole .
82-Organ of voice in bird
83-How many heart chambers in An amphibian ?

84-Plant and animal have in common ? Synapses dendrites axon sheath etc
cell wall is made up from? Ectoderm endoderm cell membrane etc
treponemma palladium causes
a) syphilis
c) Aids
Germ theory proposed by
A) Antoine Lee Venn hook
B)Louis Pasteur
C)Robert Koch

Specific heat of vaporization of water
A) 574 KCal/kg
B) 670
(Don't remember other options)
574 is right

Bones of skull?
T-cellz provide
A)humoral immunity
B) passive immunity
C) cell mediated immunity

Straight chain of polypeptide has structure?
B) tertiary
C) secondary
D) quaternary

Bond which holds alpha helix together
A) hydrogen
B) disulphide
C) ionic
D) covalent

Shape of tobacco mosaic virus
Second major type of hepatitis
Ribosomes have which RNA
Units of gravitational constant G
Neutrons penetrate further because of? Ans electrically neutral
What is true about the daughter element formed by beta radiation?

UHS MCAT syllabus
Same mass no but charge no greater than parent element
What is true about isotopes?
Same charge no but diff mass no
86-C3H4O3 empirical formula ascorbic acid
87-Lamarck is best known for his Theory of Inheritance of Acquired Characteristics
88-Gamma rays are used in
88-Specific heat of vaporization of water 574 Kcal/kg
89-syphilis is caused by gonorrhoea which is
gram positive
gram negative
1-Bile is useful in digestion of?
2- shape of tobacco mosaic virus?
3-each contraction of heart eject how much blood?
4-plasma membrane gets its name because of its encloses?
5-By which process does glucose move into red blood cell from plasma?
6-commercial method of producing million of seedlings in limited amount of time?
7-cell wall is synthesized by?
8- in tissue culture cells are held together by???
9- if power is 100 watt and voltage 220 than what will be resistance?
10-heat of vaporization of water?
91-Rflps are used in
DNA analysis
92-Which of the following statements is true?
A)All nitrates of group 2 metals are decomposed by heat to give the oxide NO2.
B)Aqueous sodium nitrate in acidic to litmus.
C)Aqueous ammonium nitrate is alkaline to litmus
D)alkali metal nitrates are insoluble in water
NUMS advertisement

93-The rate of reaction of a compound is K[A][B], if the volume of a
vessel is reduced to 1/4 then tell the rate of reaction as compared to
original rate......

94-the criminal was ___ although it was
proved that he was not seen at the scene of crime .. a) abandoned b)
expiated c)exhumed d ) rescinded
95-Third law of Newton? answer Equilibrium .
96-Which of the following is used for functioning of organs..(I think it was like this)
A) Sonography
B) CT scan
C) Ultrasound
97-He is envious -------- everyone's achievement.
a) From
b) to
C) Upon
98-Thyroid gland requires high amount of
a- phosphate
B- calcium.
c. Iodine
99-Which is not function of cerebrum
Digestion Voluntary
100-Lead is removed from nickel using which process?
101-Adrenalin has told in humans body.
To increase heart rate..
To increase breathing rate
102-Change to passive
1. The group was watching the movie.
2. The lion ate the rabbit.
3. Brush your teeth.
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Tuesday, 21 March 2017

What is Quran like to me?

I’m a student of age 19. Earlier when I was 15, I was badly addicted to music , obeying illicit desires and didn’t give any importance to orders of God !!! I had not prayed once in the last 3 years (which is an obligation) so I , though being born in a Muslim family , was completely unaware of Islam (just as everyone else). I didn’t feel any guilt because of being brain-washed by media which makes us not to think why we do what we do and what’s the truth !! and all what I was concerned about was to enjoy life by following all of my desires no matter how condemned in Islam. I used to get out of religious company . I did learn reading Quran in my earlier age but It was no more than learning a language for I didn’t know what Tawheed, God and Hereafter really are !! What happened to different Prophets in different times.What did people do to them and after all I never wanted to think that I would be punished for disobeying God and making my desires, my god !
One Friday , at 1;30 pm which coincides with Friday prayer time, I returned home from school and took one of my sister’s mobile which I had at home.I used to use it to play games. It happened that I saw an app Urdu Quran (Quran translated in my language) and opened it. I had a notion (which everyone else still have) that understanding Quran was exclusive for MOLVIS (religious leaders , considered to be third class man and the men with least respect in Pakistan). When I opened the app , there was the 2nd chapter of Quran in front of me. I happened to read the following verses and that changed my upcoming life altogether.
إِنَّ الَّذِينَ كَفَرُوا سَوَاءٌ عَلَيْهِمْ أَأَنذَرْتَهُمْ أَمْ لَمْ تُنذِرْهُمْ لَا يُؤْمِنُونَ
Indeed, those who disbelieve - it is all the same for them whether you warn them or do not warn them - they will not believe.
خَتَمَ اللَّهُ عَلَىٰ قُلُوبِهِمْ وَعَلَىٰ سَمْعِهِمْ ۖ وَعَلَىٰ أَبْصَارِهِمْ غِشَاوَةٌ ۖ وَلَهُمْ عَذَابٌ عَظِيمٌ
Allah has set a seal upon their hearts and upon their hearing, and over their vision is a veil. And for them is a great punishment.
وَمِنَ النَّاسِ مَن يَقُولُ آمَنَّا بِاللَّهِ وَبِالْيَوْمِ الْآخِرِ وَمَا هُم بِمُؤْمِنِينَ
And of the people are some who say, "We believe in Allah and the Last Day," but they are not believers.
يُخَادِعُونَ اللَّهَ وَالَّذِينَ آمَنُوا وَمَا يَخْدَعُونَ إِلَّا أَنفُسَهُمْ وَمَا يَشْعُرُونَ
They [think to] deceive Allah and those who believe, but they deceive not except themselves and perceive [it] not.

These verses were related to the hypocrites and I considered as if I were held accountable by these verses.

From that I started prayers yet also slowly,slowly leaving the world of sins. Then after two days ,the holy month of ramadan begin and we were on holidays.Fasting all the day made me to control my desires and worship God five times a day ! My brother happened to have Quran in audio with recitation of Mishary al-afasy with Urdu translation which I listened to a little bit in beginning. It seemed strange in beginning , mainly because of bring totally unaware of meanings of Arabic words but then I knew that Quran is book of Tawheed (Oneness of God) which increases faith in God,His attributes and in His Oneness to an enormous extent ! I slowly slowly,in a period of 6 months, left music completely as Quran and music are like light and darkness.When light comes , darkness fades ! So at the end, I eventually replaced the addiction of music with listening to the Word of God ! The first time , Quran had a significant effect on me. But as I continued listening to it, I was able to understand the meaning of verses just by listening to Arabic. With that , Now I can feel Quran from my heart. The beauty of Quran kept increasing as I heard it more and more and Alhamdolillah , by God , I have never heard anything more beautiful than Quran before or after that. From that age of 15,in 10th grade to next two years, There was hardly any night when I didn’t cry, listening to the Quran !! All I thought of during the day and night was Quran.

There were many good consequences of this. The pleasure I had in my heart was indescribable as I worshipped God ,hoped for great life of hereafter .I could no longer join people in their evil.. I called them towards truth so that they may also feel the inner peace the way I felt but I was not that simple. Just like as I avoided religious gatherings and talks so does my friends so actually no one liked to hear what God says or what His messenger said. They will take you as someone who knows a little about the world and science and will label you a MOLVI ( Mostly a poor person in society , dependent on people and considered third class citizen as the divisions were done by Britannia when they ruled subcontinent). One great consequence was making the best friends. I made friends who are bounded with me by the relation of faith which is far stronger than any other relation in the world.
I and one of my friend kept beard after knowing the order of Prophet (PBUH).His Companions and those who followed them all obeyed his order. Just because our society whose only inspiration is the west as they ruled them a hundred year , beard is hated among Muslims. None among my family had a beard. My friend had to face a lot of threats from parents to cut down his beard but Quran says to obey parents in every worldly matter but not in the matter in which they oppose order of God. Finally they made him , cut his beard. I , on the other hand faced comments from society but since my father died when I was a kid and my mother loved me, I was never forced to remove it…
Anyways I still have a beard, I never miss a prayer (as it’s obligation) , I don’t support people who make sexual remarks,disrespect women and cross the limits set by God in Quran. I love the believers , try to being good with all and love Quran the most !!! The dream I’ve now is to memorize Quran !
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Sunday, 26 February 2017

FMDC seats quota per provinces

Seats allocated to students according to quota 

FMDC Islamabad
• Merit 06
• Punjab 38
• Balochistan 05
• GB 02
• FATA 02
• Sindh R 09
• Sindh U 06
• KPK 09
• Federal Government Employee 09
• Disabled Quota 02
• AJK 02
• ICT (Federal) 10

TOTAL seats 100

You can get a seat easily by preparing well for FMDC.Read FMDC sample paper which will be followed in 2017.

FMDC previous year papers are also available which will helping in grasping the pattern and important topics which come in FMDC test by NTS.Get FMDC past paper 2014 and 2012.

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Saturday, 31 December 2016

9 Fundamentals of Trigonometry

Chapter 09: Fundamentals of Trigonometry

1.                  Direction         of         Qibla   is          found by        using

a)      Plane Geometry
b)      Spherical Trigonometry
c)      Plane Trigonometry
d)     Analytical Geometry
e)      None of these
                Answer:           b

2.                  If a circle is divided into 360 parts, then the angle subtended by each part at the center of the circle is called __________

a)      1 radian
b)      1 degree
c)      1 angstrom
d)     1 minute
e)      None of these
                Answer:           b
3.                  The union of two non-collinear rays which have a common endpoint is called the ________

a)      Angle
b)      Radian
c)      Degree
d)     Minute
e)      Second
                Answer:           a

4.                  One degree is denoted by __________

a)      1 rad
b)      1’
c)      1”
d)     1o
e)      None of these

                Answer:           d

1.                  1rt. angle = __________
a)      90o
b)      180o
c)      270o
d)     190o
e)      None of these
                Answer:           a
2.                  The 60th part of one degree is called one

a)      centimeter
b)      radian
c)      degree
d)     minute
e)      none of these
                Answer:           d

3.                  Measure of the central angle of an are of a circle whose length is equal to the radius  of
the circle is known as _________

a)      1 degree
b)      1 radian
c)      1 rt. angle
d)     All of these
e)      None of these
                Answer:           b

4.                  The circumference of a circle r is considered as __________

a)      2πr
b)      πr
c)      3πr
d)     4πr
e)      None of these
                Answer:           a

5.                  1 radian = __________

a)      57°1745′′
b)      47o
c)      37o
d)     38o
e)      None of these
            Answer:           a

6.                  1o = _________

a)      60
b)      60′′
c)      3600
d)     360
e)      None of these
            Answer:           a 

106.      1 + cot22θ = _________ ?

a)      sec2θ
b)      cosec2θ
c)      cosec22θ
d)     sec2θ
e)      none of these
            Answer:           c

12.               The 60th part of one minute is called one

a)       centimeter
b)       radian
c)       degree
d)      minute
e)       second
                Answer:           e

                Answer:           d
15.               One second is denoted by _______

a)       1 rad
b)       1
c)       1′′
d)      1o
e)       None of these
Answer:           c 

 64.                 radians = 

a)             360o
b)             335o
c)             270o
d)            225o
e)             125o
                Answer:           d

65.                The radian measure of the angle at the center of circle of radius 12cm which cuts off an arc 18cm long. 

a)             9.47 radians
b)             1.19 radians
c)             1.5 radians
d)            2.5 radians
e)             None of these
                Answer:           c

67.                The length of the arc cut off on a circle of radius
6cm by a central angle of   radians

a)             12.566cm
b)             10.033cm
c)             12.113cm
d)            9.156cm
e)             6.56cm
                Answer:           a

69.                The radius of the circle when l = 3cm, θ= 3.4 radians. 

a)             0.214 cm
b)             9.419 cm
c)             3.146 cm
d)            4.978 cm
e)             None of these
                Answer:           e

71.                In the second quadrant Sinθ is ________

a)             positive
b)             negative 

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