Friday, 5 August 2016

How to get NUST hostel accommodation form?

NUST Pakistan offers its students the facility of hostel with a charge of 3500 PK rupees and 4500 extra for mess (150 PK rupees per day for three quality meals).
NUST hostels got following features:
  • At least three people per room for new admission.
  • Nothing like ragging.
  • Students are usually hard working as merit is high.
  • Internet.
  • Washing of clothes.(I am not sure whether underwear is in included or not).
  • good rooms.
  • community bathrooms.

How to apply for NUST hostel?

A problem every NUSTIAN considers is applying for hostel in NUST.There is a major problem to consider.Many students keep waiting for new merit lists to get admission to desired field but they don't apply for hostel in the meantime.
It's is really difficult to get admission into NUST after 2nd merit list is displayed due to limited number of seats in hostel.
Email from NUST regarding hostel (received on 05/08/2016)

 NUST hostel accommodation form

It depends upon which campus you want to apply before you can be able to get hostel accommodation form for NUST
If you want to get admission in CEME or EME then visit the following address:
EME hostal form
(Instruction are provided on page otherwise ask us in question).
You can also apply for any of NUST campus through a general form.
Apply for NUST hostel
(Download it and fill information through MS word and follow instructions provided in the document.
NUST provides hostel on "COME first and GET first" basis so be ready to apply well before others.Even if it is done before arrival of merit list.

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