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Past NET Physics MCQs collection

important past Physics MCQs in NET 

Q1. Angle between vectors of magnitudes 8N and 6N when their resultant is 10N is .  
(a) 0°                                                   (b) 60°                                                            
(c) 90°                                                  (d) 120°  
Q2. Length cannot be measure by.                                                                                             
            (a)   Mete                                            (b)   micro
(c)   Light yea                                       (d)   Angston                (e)   Bell
Q.3 Identify the pairs whose dimensions are same?                                      
            (a)   Work and torque                                     (b)   Momentum and impulse 
(c)   Force and weight                                                  (d)   All of these
 Q4. Height at which value of “g” becomes 1/4 from the surface of earth is.                   
            (a)   Re                                                (b)   2Re
            (c)   4Re                                                                                             (d)   3/2Re
Q5. A 50kg man with 20kg load his head climbs up 20 steps of 0.25m height each the work done in climbing is                                                                                                                                        
             (a)   5 joule                                                                                        (b)   350 joule
             (c)   4900 joule                                   (d)   3430 joule
Q6. [ML2T-3] is the dimension of.                                  
             (a)   Force                                                                                     (b)   Power
             (c)   Pressure                                      (d)   Momentum
Q7. Relation between tangential and angular velocities is.                     
            (a)   Vt = r                                                                             (b)  
            (c)   Vt =                                                                                                 (d)   Vt = /r
Q8. For the same K.E, the momentum is maximum for.                         
            (a)   An electron                                                                    (b)   A proton
            (c)   A deuteron                                   (d)   An alpha particle
Q9. If the average velocity of plane is 500 Km/h, how long will it take to fly 125 Km?                 
(a)   4 hours                                              (b) 2 hours                                                                                                                                (c)   0.5 hours                                             (d)   0.25 hours
Q10. The unit of power of lens is.     
       (a)  Watt                                                                                                     (b)   Kwh
       (c)  Horse power                                      (d)   none of above
Q11. Sum of all forces and all torque on a body is zero, the body will be in equilibrium is .                    
       (a)   1st  condition                                          (b)  2nd  condition
       (c)   Total addition                                                     (d)   none of above
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Q12. In transverse waves the angle between the directions of motion of particle of medium and            
         Propagation is.                                                                   
            (a)   00                                                             (b)   600                
          (c)   900                                                (d)   2700
Q13. Find the fundamental frequency, if 5th frequency is 15 KHz.                    
             (a) 1 KHz                                                (b) 2 KHz
             (c) 3 KHz                                             (d) 5 KHz
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Q14. Sound wave of same frequency can be distinguished by.                    
             (a)   Pitch                                                (b)   Quality
             (c)   Intensity                                      (d) Loudness
Q15. If a step up transformer is 100% efficient, the primary winding would have the same.                      
       (a)   The number of turns                            (b)   Direction of winding
       (c)   Power                                                            (d) current
Q16.  A body is projected from the earth and returns to the earth following a parabolic path, which of the following remain constant.                                                                      
       (a)   Horizontal component of velocity    (b)   Vertical component of velocity
       (c)   Total energy                                                                           (d)   Kinetic energy
Q17. A string 80 cm long has fundamental frequency of 300 vib/sec. if the length of the string   changed to 40 cm without changing the tension, the fundamental frequency will be in vib/sec:
       (a)   150                (b)   150          (c)   300                 (d)   300
Q18. The dimension of Plank’s constant s is the same as those of:                    
       (a)   Angular frequency                            (b)   Power
       (c)   Energy                                                                                             (d)   Angular momentum
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Q19. An elevator weighting 2.5 ×104 newtons is raised to a height of 10m. Neglecting the friction, the work done is:                    
       (a)   2.5 ×104 joules                                  (b)   7.5 ×104  joules
       (c)   2.5 ×103  joules                                                                   (d)   2.5 ×105  joules
Q20. Erg is unit of energy in:                    
       (a)   MKS                                                  (b)   SI
       (c)   FPS                                                    (d)   CGS
Q21. The electric field intensity at a distance of 1m from a point of charge to 1 micro coulomb is :          (a)   1/4                                           (b)   9 ×109  N/C
           (c)   9 ×10N/C                                    (d)   9 ×10N/C
Q22. Total energy of vibrating body is:  
       (a)   Increase                                            (b) Decrease
       (c)   Constant                                            (d)   None of above
Q23. The formula of absolute P.E at the earth’s surface is:    
       (a)   -GMEm/RE2                                        (b) -GMEm/RE
       (c)   -GME/RE2                                           (d)   GMEm/RE
Q24. The paper having its length and width in x and y direction, respectively then direction of vector area is along:   
       (a)   X-axis                                                            (b)   Z-axis
       (c)   Y-axis                                                            (d)   None of above
Q25. The vector of magnitude 3 and 4 are such placed that their resultant vector is 5 then angle between them is:          
(a)    900                                              (b)    300
            (c)     00                                                (d)     1200

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