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NUST hostel: step by step guide

If you are on merit position of NUST and got admission in a particular campus of NUST then your next worry should be of hostel or even if you could not get into desired campus but after all you need a hostel to live to study in NUST and there is no better choice of hostel in NUST than its own.
So we will show you the easiest and simplest guide to get through your hostel with as little effort as possible.
All you have to do is to follow these simple rules and don't worry about anything else.

NUST hostel H12 Islamabad procedure:

If you get admitted in main campus of NUST which consists of many schools located in Islamabad then follow these steps.

Fill NUST hostel application form:

You can download NUST hostel accomdation form from our page or can edit it via Microsoft word to fill it or you can follow an even simple way.
  • Download the picture given below and fill accordingly.You can edit it 'Paint' or you can also use Adobe Photoshop.
NUST hostel form
NUST hostel form


  • You will receive a confirmation email from NUST in 2-5 days like:

Assalam o Alaikum,
          Your documents have been received in NUST Hostels branch (Islamabad Campus). You will be updated about allocation of room in due course of time.

Deputy Director Hostels
Then they would send you fee invoice a few weeks and will alert you about further formalities through your Email address. 

NUST EME hostel online registration

The procedure for EME seems easy but it's actuallt tough.
Follow the following steps:
  • Go to HBL bank with original CNIC and a copy of it.Make a draft of 1000 rupees in favor of '"Comdt College of EME, Rawalpindi'.(The address is exact.Don't make any alteration.).Take out a slip from bank of draft.
  • Now go to following address,click 'apply online' and fill out the required information'
  • Take out the print of filled application form before submitting by pressing CTRL+P.You can also save the page as .pdf file after pressing CTRL+P and taking out print later.
  • If you submit form before taking print then you have to go the CEME hostel page and have to refill the form as you did last time and takeout the print but don't submit the form online for second time.
  • Now attach this print of application form with draft,a domicile and with a hostel awareness certificate.
Hostel awareness certificate
Hostel awareness certificate

You can always see your status at the waiting list link given on left sidebar on EME site.Seats are always limited so those who get name in later merit lists get no hostel sadly.
Important: There is a common question whether one should apply in EME early even before the merit list comes?
The answer to this is yes.This depends on you.If you apply for hostel earlier than merit list in which your name is expected to come and you submit documents in within 7 days after applying then you would be rejected.Don't be worry,There would be an option of re-apply,so you can re-apply by simply typing your CNIC and father's name and aha! you are back on waiting list.But I recommend you to make bank draft as earlier as possible and then fill the form at the right time when your name comes and submit it so in both cases you would get same waiting number as the time you would re apply  would be same as would be the time when your merit list came.
So basically it depends on you but the secure way is to submit form exactly after merit list comes (be sure to have a draft number) and you would be on a secure position because you can be not be on the waiting list (without being rejected) earlier than the time your name comes in merit list in EME.
There is also a risky way to re-apply a day before merit list comes as EME administration does not review hostel applications daily but as I said,'it's risky'.But surely they would give you a re-apply button.

NUST hostel transfer:

If you get your name in a particular campus in NUST but your first preference is in some other campus and there are chances that you might get your name in upcoming merit lists then you should apply in the campus where your name came in first list as soon as possible as NUST allows transfer of students from hostel of one campus to another based on the date on which you applied in your first campus.
But you have to get a recommendation letter from that particular campus' hostel where you applied earlier to get into new campus on specially reserved seats for transfers. 
The recommendation letter can be received by NUST Islamabad H12 campus by writing an Email to like this:

It is certified that ____________________ S/O ______________________ has been selected in BS – Software Engineering (SEECS) at Islamabad Campus in the first merit, while in the next merit list he is upgraded to College of E&ME, Rawalpindi. His application for Hostel accommodation has been received in NUST Islamabad Campus on 07 Aug 2016 (02:33 pm).

His application for Hostel accommodation may please be considered from the above mentioned date. 

This year there currently 10 seats reserved for hostel transfer in EME.
Hope so you liked it but if you have any query then simply comment below.


  1. How to apply for hostels at CAE as there is no information available at their website?

    1. You have contact them personally either by reaching them or by phone to know the exact procedue.It looks like to be an offline procedure

  2. how to add signatures to onlines form?

    1. Your name is your signatures....Just enter your name...
      or else you can take print and after filling form,you can scan it and send to NUST

  3. i have applied for hostel but my name is in waiting list i am from fata i need hostel badly

    1. There is much rush in H12 hostels.You should better keep an eye on hostels outside NUST.
      we will soon upload a list of hostels near NUST to help students get accommodation near NUST if they fail to get a room in NUST hostels,

  4. Where to live if not get nust hostel in early stages?? Is there any private hostels in Rawalpindi which accommodates us in our early stages while our name is in waiting list?


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