Wednesday, 17 August 2016

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Yes,we are here just to help you to get academic success by providing all the content you need,let it be Past papers,entry test preparation guides,results,merit lists,sample tests and a bunch of other things you are concerned about.
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requestThough we try our best to meet users' needs but still we miss a lot of things primarily because our team is not as large as is the audience.If you want to help us,you can also join our team by contacting us.We require people who want to reach an audience and help others with their experience.
Please note that we provide educational content,do not request things we can not do and if you did then it's okay.
Ask us for any content like past papers,sample papers,mock tests,forms,courses,scholarships,results,merit lists,admission related help,fee structure or any help you needed.
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  1. i have mech. eng .(winter session ) on 1st in priority list and electrical eng. below,as we know that winter session's list is not declered so will i be selected in electrical eng. in karachi?

    1. When your name comes in EE,call them and email them that you don't want upgradation anymore (If it is the case) or pay a visit if you can....because They gave the option of winter session having this in knowledge....
      SO make your choice..


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