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NUST past papers of NET

NUST conducts NET (NUST entry test) thrice with an year as NET-1,NET-2 and NET-3 respectively.A person can attempt any number of NUST tests to get admission into NUST.We are providing you the past papers of NUST to help you guess pattern and scheme of NET so that you might go great in any institution of NUST university.

NUST past papers:

Before going to a full paper of first,we would like you to practice through the MCQs collection taken from previous NET exams.

Mathematics in NUST papers

The most important and most weight containing subject in the entry test is Mathematics.It alone has 80/200 marks so it is the biggest and decisive factor whether you can or can not join as a NUSTIAN.So it is highly recommended to practice out those MCQs which came in different NETs repeatedly.
One thing that you should keep in mind about NET is that many chapters from MATH book are completely neglected while making of NET.These chapters famously include Integration and derivatives.As these chapters are lengthy so NET ignores them unlike Board exams in Punjab,UET ECAT test and PIEAS entry test.
While chapter 6:Conic sections and chapter 4:linear geometry are most important from second year's math while Chapter 6,7,8 which are Sequence and series,Probability and Binomial equations are most important from 1st year. Trigonometry is also included.
Good news! 
If you are an Android user,you can get NUST entry test at your finger tips.Simply install NUST entry test preparation app and get benefited by secret tricks.

IQ in NET:

The IQ portion is the most awarding portion in NET if you got a good practice of how to deal with those logical questions which repeat in NET.
The good news is this that every time,the IQ MCQs are based upom same logic so it doesn't actually depends much on your intelligence but on your practice.
IQ questions come in about 4 categories.Make sure you practice them well to get full 10 marks for sure.
And there would be 1 or 2 easy direction questions where you have to guess your final postion with respect to your start.


English portions holds 20 marks which mostly include antonyms,synonyms,comprehension,correct spellings and use of correct preposition in a sentence.


Physics portion is second most important in NUST entry test after Math as it consists of 60 marks.So if you have good grip on Math and physics then you should consider yourself a NUSTIAN for chemistry,English and IQ are simple.
The MCQs of physics are mostly logical statements rather than like long numerical of UET's ECAT.
Practice past NET physics MCQs now.


The easy most portion in NUST comes from within textbooks of intermediate but no one can guess the important chapters because MCQs change in every NET totally but they are always easy.
You can also practice past chemistry NET MCQs.
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