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PIEAS Physics MCQs from past entry tests

Past paper of PIEAS entry test


1) If masses of two bodies is m1 and m2 then decreased mass of system will be
(a) (m1+m2)/(m1-m2)
(b) (m1+m2)/(m1m2)
(c) (m1-m2)/(m1+m2)
(d) (m1-m2)/(m1m2)
2) If a negatively charged particle is brought near to a negatively charged electroscope then it
(a) Diverges
(b) Converges
(c) Remains Neutral
(d) None
3) Which of the following will have no affect on chemical properites if it is added in the nucleus
(a) Alpha particle
(b) Proton
(c) Neutron
(d) Electron
4) Sound waves can not be
A) diffracted
B) refracted
C) polarized
D) reflected
5) The velocity of satellite around earth of radius 8000km and g=6.2ms^2 is
(a) 5kms^-1
(b) 6kms^-1
(c) 7kms^-1
(d) Depends on mass of satellite
6) Conversation of temperature into electrical signal is called..
A) hydrometer
B) voltmeter
C) potentiometer
D) thermocouple
7)If a mass of 17 g is placed In a bottle full of Water, if the Water is Expelled 4cm^3 . Then what is The weight Of body In water?
8) what are the significant figures in 0.0072000
a.) 2
b.) 4
c.) 6
9) Solid cylinder is rotated at y=x2 along x axis the volume occupied by it is 
A) 32pie/5
D)None of these 

10) formula of angular momentum is 

11) If electron and proton are moving in a magnetic field. Then which of the following is correct about the forces acting on the two?
(a) Both experience same amount of force but in different directions 
(b) Same amount of force and in same directions 
(c) Unequal amount of force but in same direction 
(d) Unequal amounts of force in different direction

12) At sea level, the time period of pendulum is 2. Which of the following length will be closest to the exact value?
(a) 1m
(b) 2m
(c) 1.5m
(d) 2.5m
13) What will be the change in acceleration of a body of mass 2kg and force on it is increased from 8N to 14N?
(a) 2ms^-2
(b) 1ms^-2
(c) 3ms^-2
(d) 4ms^-2
14) The slope and y-intercept of the following graph is
5. \
4. \
3. \
2. \
1. \
0. \ 
-1. \
-2. \
-4. 0. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 
(A) Both are negative
(b) Both are positive
(c) y-intercept is negative and slope is positive
(d) y- intercept is positive and slope is negative
15) At dark band interference pattern, two light waves having same amplitude are
(a) exactly in phase
(b) out of phase 90 degree
(c) out of phase 180 degree
(d) Opposite in direction
16) Forces 17N, 23N and 14N act on a body in equilibrium. The resultant of the forces 23N and 14N is
(a) 26.9N
(b) 81.7N
(c) 18.3N
(d) None of these
17) A 15ohm and a 5 ohm resistor are connected in series to a D.C generator. The battery is connected to 15ohm resistor having 40Volts.
What is the current through 5ohm resistor
(b) 0.7777777
(b) 2.6666666
(c) 0.3757375
(d) None of these
18) The capacitance of 10^14 electrons having 10V is
(a) 1.6pF
(b) 1.6uF
(c) 1.6nF
(d) 1.6mF
19) If source and sink of an engine A are 950C and 370C respectively and that of B engine are 540C and 220C. Then
(a) Efficiency of A is greater than B
(b) Efficiency of B is greater than A
(c) Both have same efficiencies
(d) None of these
20) An element having symbol Te has half life 6 hours. The number of atoms which are decayed in one day are?
(a) 1/2
(b) 1/4
(c) 1/16
(d) 1/32
21) If a rod of 10m length has coefficient of expansion 2x10^-5 and the temperature is increased from 22C to 47C then what will be the change in length?
22) 22kv potential to an electron at rest.what is its velocity before striking the screen?
23) radioactivity is caused by 
a) nucleus 
b) chemical bond
c) electrons shift between orbitals
d) nuclear fission
24) if substance having const "k" placed between plates of capacitor,its capacitance 
a) increases k times
b) decreases  k times
c) no effect
25) if a bob of 10 kg attached with a string of 2m is used as pendulum. at extreme point the bob is 2cm higher than its mean position. what is velocity at mean position?

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