Tuesday, 16 August 2016

English Synonyms antonyms test

The following examples are super important for NUST entry test.Make you sure that you must have a quick review to get awesome marks in NET and be a NUSTian in near future.

Error Detection.

(1). Venomous snake    modified teeth connected to       is secreted and stored.
(2).      television should not be  a replacement for good teachers and neither  computers.
(3). It is believed that  could  on  with little life support because the atmosphere is familiar to  of earth.
(4). He is  of the best  who  won  scholarship.
(5). Each of the mothers at the  believed  own child  the most talented  charming of the group.

Sentence completion.

(6). You will feel better when you ________ that tooth out.
       (a) Had                   (b) have                  (c) have   had                   (d) will have had
(7). She _______ for Karachi three days ago.
       (a) Left                   (b) Was leaving     (c) has left                        (d) had Left
(8). We will do our work ________                                                                                                              
       (a) Latter                (b) Later                 (c) Long                            (d) After

(9). Can you tell me___________      .
       (a) Where does he live                            (b) Where he lives       
       (c) Where is he living                               (d) Where has he lived
(10). He asked the teacher if he ____________ with that pen.
        (a) Shall write             (b) Can write            (c) is writing            (d) Would write

(11). You __________care of your health.
         (a) Had better to take         (b) had better take     
         (c) Had better taken            (d) had taken better
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(12). I am sure we can solve this problem if we can put our mind __________it.
         (a) to                       (b) in                         (c) on                     (d) with
(13). Joseph retired _____________his study to finish a report.
         (a) to                       (b) in                         (c) from                 (d) with
(14). Some films stars ________________be difficult to work with.
         (a) Are said             (b) are said to        (c) say                      (d) say to
(15). Someone suggested _______________for a walk.
         (a) go                       (b) of going             (c) to do                 (d) going
(16). The house was ____________________ building.
 (a) a nice old stone                                      (b) a nice stone old                                                                          
 (c)  a stone old nice                                      (d) an old nice stone
(17). The man in front of _______________ and started at me.
         (a) turned up        (b) turned around         (c) turned off       (d) turned on


(18). Acquittal
        (a) Clearance        (b) Conviction                 (c) Execution       (d) Conventional
(19). Profound
        (a) Unfound          (b) Covered                    (c) Deep                (d) Destiny
(20). Auspicious
        (a) Fortunate        (b) Despairing                 (c) Impressive      (d) Unfortunate

(21). Conformity
        (a) Agreement        (b) Ambition                  (c) Confinement       (d) Pride
(22). Exalt
        (a) to oppose          (b) Specialize                 (c) Praise highly       (d) to magnify


(23). Acquisitive
        (a) Miserly              (b) Frugal                        (c) Simple                  (d) Austere
(24). Amicable  
        (a) Cunning            (b) Shy                              (c) Hostile                 (d) Crazy
(25). Filthy
        (a) Stainless            (b) Shining                       (c) Sterilized            (d) clean

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