Wednesday, 7 September 2016

NUST medical certificate form filled

Purpose of NUST medical certificate

It's just a way of asking whether the student is fit to take classes and doctor testifies this also.This is also a way NUST cleans it's hand if a student gets medical problem so a student takes the responsibility of maintaining health under pressure of studies at NUST.
Another purpose of medical certificate can be to know height,weight and eye vision of student.The doctor give surety that student is free from any virus or dangerous disease. 

How to fill NUST medical certificate?

Medical certificate is like this which you have to get filled by a doctor.
Medical certificate
This tasks looks burdensome but it actually isn't.I was also quite much worried.I asked things like
Which doctor should fill out the form?
Is it filled only  by a doctor of civil hospital?
Shall I have to visit district headquarter hospital?
Can Tehsil headquarter hospital also work?
And most of the answers I received were filled with disappointment as people suggested district headquarter hospital and civil hospital.
The truth is that it can filled by any doctor with legible seal and PM & DC Number.
PMDCThis is all what you need.A doctor with PM & DC authorized doctor and I found that in Tehsil headquarter hospital.

Now the question is
Will the doctor measure all the fields in medical certificate?
In my case the answer was no.
The doctor jotted down all sample value in NUST medical certificate and that's it.He just calculated my weight and height by an eye glance (Though the guess was wrong).
So to tell you the truth,the doctor wrote 'nil'  in answer of these questions,asked in medical form.
 Any significant Disease Diagnosed in the past:
Any Neurological / Psychiatric disease, (if yes, please give details).
Taking any medicine on regular basis (if yes, please give details). 
 Allergies if any:
 Any Communicable are other Disease:
Details of Glasses (if worn): 
He then wrote all perfect sample values for Lungs,Heart,Vision of left and right eye, Hearing, and of course blood pressure.
He then filled my name and used his stamp and that was the end.That's it.This is how easy it is to get a medical certificate filled.But there's a bad experience I also had.If you will go to a doctor without any mean,he ill certainly make you run here and there in hospital so try to visit a doctor you know.

Download NUST medical certificate

If you need a filled medical certificate sample,simple request in comments as I currently don't have one.
The medical certificate provide in image above is official medical certificate form of NUST and it is not limited to any year.It will work in 2017 and even after that.
You will need to submit this at the day of joining NUST which comes out to be 17 September this year.

Please do not visit that doctor who does not have a Pakistan Medical and Dental Council number.

Bottom line
Study at NUST demands good physique and stamina. An applicant who suffers from any organic defect or does not have sound health so as to bear the strain of the course or need any kind of assistance in this regard, be well advised not to take up the program.
NUST merit list 2016 is just getting to it's end as joining date is getting nearer and nearer.

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