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Nust rules for suspension of a student

Rules for suspension and Withdrawal


A student who qualifies to continue his studies despite minor deficiencies in some courses so as to make him conscious of the weakness and advise him to work hard during the semester under progress. 
  • Semester GPA of the student is less than 2.00 or he earns F grade (s) in a course (s) but does not qualify for probation / withdrawal. 


A student is said to be on probation if he is deficient in academic standards but is allowed to continue studies. 
  • His CGPA is less than 2.00, and he does not qualify for withdrawal. This clause will not be applicable to the first semester 
  • On disciplinary grounds when recommended by the respective discipline committee of the institution and the discipline committee of NUST. 


  • Withdrawal means that a student is considered unsuitable for further studies at NUST and is withdrawn from the program. 
  • The student accumulates seven or more F grades 
  • Earns four consecutive probations 
  • On disciplinary grounds when recommended by the respective 
  • Discipline Committee of the institution and the Discipline Committee of NUST 
  • Cannot complete his degree requirements within the maximum stipulated time of seven years, even if he utilizes the summer semester. Such like cases will be recommended by the respective 
  • FBS and referred to the Registrar Dte for approval 
  • A student who remains absent for more than 45 days without valid reasons, but does not qualify for suspension of registration  
  • Earns five “F” grades or more in first semester only  
Note:  If a student is likely to be withdrawn on academic deficiencies, he will be duly warned and counselled, and his parents will be forewarned for intervention. Such communications will be duly recorded. 


Definition.- “suspension” means that a student is not allowed to continue  regular academic activities for a specified time.  Policy.- Faculty Board of Studies shall recommend and qualify a suspension as under (as per latest policies of the University), namely :-  

  • suspension on disciplinary grounds  
  • suspension on medical grounds  
  • suspension on prolonged absence  
  • suspension on reasons beyond student’s control or on authorized grounds / sanctioned leave from competent authority  Suspension on academic grounds. 
  • A student may be recommended for suspension by the Faculty Board of Studies for approval by Main Office NUST in case of NUST students 
  • / paying cadets, subject to any of the conditions listed below, namely:-  
  • on disciplinary grounds when recommended by the Discipline Committee of the respective institution and the Discipline Committee of the University.  
  • if overall attendance of the student is below 75% in a semester on medical grounds or reasons beyond his control.   
  • if the student remains absent for more than thirty but less than forty-five consecutive days without valid reasons.  
  • If a student has earned two to three consecutive probations, and may be required to repeat one or two semesters, to improve the CGPA on student’s request or as decided by the institution FBS, may be allowed to recommend it. 
  Note:  If a student is suspended, s/he will resume her / his studies from the same stage where s/he was suspended.   

Suspension of Registration. 

  • If a student remains absent for 45 or more consecutive days without intimation or any valid reason, his / her admission /registration will be suspended. However, such student may resume the same program subject to meeting the following conditions:  
  1. has completed minimum one year of studies and attained mandatory GPAs.  
  2. has been recommended by the respective institution.  

  • On re-admission, the student will pay the prescribed admission fee and 50% tuition fee for the period of absence. The rate of fee will be as applicable to students of the semester which he / she joins.  
  • While considering the case for re-admission, it will be ascertained by the respective institution that the student has sufficient time to complete his / her degree within the prescribed time limit, which will start from date of original / first admission. 
  • No special classes / courses will be planned / arranged for such cases, other than planned classes for repeat courses. 
  • After re-admission, his / her studies will be governed by the rules and regulations applicable to the entry he joins.  
  • Suspension of registration, on grounds of prolonged absence, will be granted only once in the program in which he / she was originally granted admission. 

Deferment of Semester (s) 

Policy:- A student may seek deferment from regular studies subject to the following conditions:
  • Deferment will generally be requested before the start of a semester. However, in exceptional cases it may be requested latest by 2nd week of a semester. It will be endorsed by the FBS and processed for formal approval by the Registrar.  
  • During the period of deferment , he / she will be allowed to repeat courses already studied on payment of prescribed fee for repetition of courses but not permitted to study new courses;  
  • He / She shall pay 25% tuition fee to maintain his / her registration;  
  • the student has the requisite time available to complete his / her degree within the stipulated time; or  
  • In case, a student opts to defer the first semester he/she shall have to pay full tuition fee (non-adjustable / non-refundable).  
  • If a student defers a semester(s), s/he will resume her / his studies from the same semester in which s/he left (deferred the semester).  
 Rule for GCs Withdrawal
  • The student accumulates four or more ‘F’ grades. This clause will not be applicable to 7th and 8th semester in which NUST policy of seven or more ‘F’ grades will apply. 
  • Earns three consecutive probations. This clause will not be applicable to 8th semester. 
  • On disciplinary grounds when recommended by the respective college; 
  • GPA fall below 1.50 with 2 or more ‘F’ grades at the end of 1st semester; 
  • Cannot complete degree requirements in five years (excluding duration of technical suspension, if any). However total duration including technical suspension will not exceed the maximum stipulated time of seven years; 
  • Military student can be retained for one additional year in case of any deficiencies at the end of 8th semester. They will clear the deficiencies in summer semester. In case clearance of deficiencies (in summer semester) is not possible ONLY then the student will be retained for one additional year. In additional year the student will not only clear the deficiencies but will also improve the weaknesses (C or less grades). 
  • On decision of GHQ due to service reasons. 

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