Saturday, 10 September 2016

How to apply in UET Taxila by hand?

The procedure is quite simple and is written thoroughly below in detail.

Applying in UET taxila

  • First of all you have to purchase the prospectus of UET Taxila from TCS outlets in different cities of Pakistan. You can see the details about the availability of prospectus from TCS outlets.
  • Secondly you have to make an account by visiting UET Taxila's official website. There will be a option named ''My UET'' create an account there by entering your CNIC or B-Form number and choosing a suitable password. Must remember this password.

  • Now a form will appear in the My UET option after you made your account and signed in. Read and fill this form carefully. Especially fill the preference boxes carefully. Select the option of ''By hand' if you want to come to university and submit your form by hand. Otherwise select the option of ''By post'' to apply. Print out this form.
  • This is the last step. Fill the form-1 available in the prospectus, attach the required documents with it. Also attach the form which you had printed already and then submit it to Admission Block UET Taxila or send it by post in the name of Admin block UET Taxila. By hand submission is recommended... For that , you don't have to go,Come to PLS office and submit your Documents .. Our University coordinator will do it for u

  • If you are selected in a merit list then you have to submit the medical form and undertaking form along-with the required original documents. The deadline to submit fee for any list is not more than a week, so you should have to hurry a bit to make things going your way. Keep all of your documents ready before time to avoid any problem later. 

Fill the preference very carefully according to your interest otherwise you will have to suffer in the near future...

Note : The last date to apply in UET Taxila is 29th of September.

Prospectus are available at different TCS centers in almost all cities and it's available in PLS head office too

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