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PIEAS Admission

If you are free from your intermediate and want to get admitted in a top university of Pakistan then admission in PIEAS (Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences) should be your priority.

How to get admission in PIEAS?

  • If you have studied 12 classes then you would go for undergraduate admission.
  • While if you have passed undergraduate then you would be heading towards postgraduate:

Undergraduate admission in PIEAS

PIEAS offers UG admission in:
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Computer and Information Sciences

PIEAS entry tests

You can get PIEAS admission by taking:
  • PIEAS entry test
  • SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test)
  • IPhO (International Physics Olympiad)
The majority of people who apply in PIEAS apply on basis of PIEAS entry test so I would like to inform you about it.If you take SAT then there are more chances of getting admission though seats are limited.
If you want to get idea of type of question PIEAS ask then check these otherwise skip them.

PIEAS past papers

These MCQs are quite important for practice to get a good drill before taking admission test.

Marks distribution:

The marks are distributed as:
  • 30 marks Math
  • 30 marks Physics
  • 30 marks Chemistry or Computer science
  • 10 marks general English
marksand you know what's amazing about the test:
You are allowed to bring scientific calculator which is non-programmable and above that you have full 180 minutes to cash-out 100 MCQs.
Isn't it easy.You got plenty of time to enjoy to playing with Math and MCQs.
View or download complete PIEAS entry test sample paper.

Let me amaze you even more by telling you that
Each correct MCQ carries 3 marks in PIEAS test while wrong answer carries -1 mark.
So try to attempt as much MCQs as possible and go for even hundred because if you attempt 5 MCQs and 2 get right and 3 get wrong,you will still manage to get 3 more so attempting more will surely benefit you than leaving unattended.
English and Chemistry are easiest portion.Physics is all based upon formula conversion while Math is about practice and tricks.

PIEAS entry test dates:

  • Advertisement of PIEAS undergraduate admission usually comes in newspaper in April.
  • Entry test happens on mid of July as it happened on 15 July this year.
  • The test is written and not computer based.
  • Test happens only on one date unlike NUST entry test.
  • The result is never declared.
  • There is no formula or aggregate calculation for PIEAS.

PIEAS Merit list:

PIEAS Merit list
PIEAS Merit list
PIEAS displays merit list in beginning of August as PIEAS Merit list 2016 was displayed on 1st of August.They release 3 merit lists and accept students based on their merit number.

Do not choose you preference list in PIEAS or any other test in hurry because admission is granted on its basis so you will be provided admission based on your 1st preference whether you like it or not.

PIEAS facilities:

  • 7 hostels.
  • Fees is not so very high.
  • PEC certified.
  • Top university in research and engineering in Pakistan.
But they have very limited seats.
  • They have 180 seats in Mechanical and electrical engineering,
PIEAS fee structure

PIEAS fee structure:

PIEAS is one of the inexpensive university in Pakistan with fee structure as:

S. No.
Number of
Credit Hrs.
Total Tuition Fee
BS (Electrical Engg.)
BS (Mechanical Engg.)
BS (Computer & Information Sciences)
Know about complete PIEAS fee structure with admission,security and other fees.


  1. in 2016 pieas only offered 180 seats for elec/mech in the first merit list NOT 250 so u should change that.

    1. Thank you Shuja for helping us in conveying latest information..We changed it now..


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