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Why boys fail in college Test with Idioms and Mr.Chips

Part 2 test 2
1.It is always to the detriment of their health.
a.       image
b.      value
c.       damage
d.      improvement
2.The parents whom I have offended.
a.       annoyed
b.      pleased
c.       forgiven
d.      advised
3.I used to lie waiting for that ominous tread.
a.       cheerful
b.      obvious
c.       warning
d.      thunderng
4.It made a luxuriously long weekend.
a.       extravagently
b.      curious
c.       lengthy
d.      heavenly
5.Aslam called Ali fool
a.       Aslam called Ali fool
b.      Aslam called Ali foolsh
c.       Aslam called Ali as fool
d.      Aslam called the Ali foolsh
Why boys fail in college
Why boys fail in college
Answer the following:
Q.1:   Why is the proper cooperation needed between the teaching staff and the college doctor?
Q.2:   What is the heartrending spectacle?
Q.3:   What are common diseases among college students?
Q.4:     Who was Collingwood?
Q.5:     How was Chip's room decorated?
Q. 6:    What good did his three years stay at Harrow do him?
Q. 7:    What happened to boys who had learnt Latin and Greek?
Q. 8:    The writer says that the examiners ask question which students cannot answer and not those which they can answer. Is the complaint just?
Use the following Idioms in your sentences.
at large

all and sundry

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