Monday, 22 August 2016

End of term and hitch hiking across the Sahara Test

Part 2 test 3
1.Sometimes there were unexpected  respites.
a.       points
b.      breaks
c.       events
d.      holidays
2.I fancied he looked suspicious.
a.       caught
b.      mentioned
c.       saw
d.      thought
3."What",I thought savagely.
a.       suddenly
b.      wildly
c.       angrily
d.      mockingly
4.Jahngir keeps himself away from bad boys
a.       Jahngir keeps away from bad boys
b.      Jahngir keeps himself away from bad boys
c.       Jahngir keeps ownself away from bad boys
d.      Jahngir keeps himself away from bad boys
5.I does not regard Fareed as my brother
a.       I regard Fareed as my brother
b.      I regards Fareed as my brother
c.       I regard Fareed my brother
d.      I does not regard Fareed as my brother
Q. 1:    What were unexpected respites?    
Q.2:   What were the feelings of the writer on Saturday and Sunday?
examsQ. 3:    Why was the Friday morning rose coloured for the writer?
Q.4:     Why did Katherine visit Mr. Chips daily?
Q.5:     What were Mr. Chips' views about the women of the nineties?
Q.6:   How much distance did Christopher cover to reach his destination?         
Q. 7:    What do you know of Professor Claude Balanguernon? How did he save the hero’s life towards the end of hitch-hike?
Q. 8:    Give an account of the little town, named El Golea, and compare it with In Salah.
Use the following Idioms in your sentences.

  • A brain wave
  • broken reed