Tuesday, 23 August 2016

On destroying Books and Sir Alexander Fleming Test

Part 2 test 4
1.It is sometimes difficult to find a scaffold for them.
a.      store house
b.      sack
c.       separate
d.      platform for punishment
2.I might be able to oblige you.
a.      engage
b.      favour
c.       depress
d.      offer
3.I crawled out as a decrepit wreck.
a.      blessed
b.      weak
c.       sad
d.      learned
4.The bank swam before my eyes
a.      float
b.      moved
c.       dashed
d.      crashed
5.There is a small milk in the jug
a.      There is a little milk in the jug
b.      There is little milk in the jug
c.       There is a few milk in the jug
d.      There is a small milk in the jug
On destroying Books
On destroying Books

 Answer the following Question:

Q.1:   What did the writer think when he saw the policeman on the way?
Q.2:   Give the names of the books that the writer threw into the river?
Q.3:   What did the writer think about the splash?
Q.4:     What were Katherine's views about Chips' profession of teaching?
Q.5:     What did she say to Mr. Chips before the wedding night?
Q. 6:  Fleming’s achievement paved the way for other discoveries in the medical field. What are they?
Q. 7:    In what respect is penicillin better than the chemical antiseptics?
Q. 8:    Describe how Fleming discovered penicillin?
Use the following Idioms in your sentences.
better half
bring to book

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