Wednesday, 24 August 2016

The Man who was a Hospital and Louis Pasteur Test

Part 2 test 5
1.It involves utterly different approach.
a.       certainly
b.      puzzling
c.       sadly
d.      completely
2.Corn is scarce and food is lacking.
a.       excessive
b.      exported
c.       short
d.      imported
3.We have a power to abolish war if we have the will.
a.       enforce
b.      end
c.       control
d.      favour

Choose correct preposition

4.The poors are hated everywhere
a.       The poor are hated everywhere
b.      Poor are hated everywhere
c.       The poors are hated everywhere
d.      The poor is hated everywhere
5.. I think she spent the entire afternoon ______ the phone. 
 a. on
b. in
c. at
Louis Pasteur
Louis Pasteur 

Q. 1:  Had the heart of Jerome really stopped beating?
Q. 2:  What is the significance of the doctor’s advice: don’t stuff your head with things you don’t understand?
Q. 3:    Why should he be an acquisition to the medical class?
Q.4:     How did Katherine persuade Chips to hold a match between Mission and Brookfield School?
Q.5:     Describe Poplar boys' visit to Brookfield.
Q. 6:    Give and account of Pasteur’s treatment of hydrophobia?
Q. 7:  How did Pasteur show the way to other scientists?
Q. 8:    What help did Pasteur render in curing the “silkworm” disease in his country?
Use the following Idioms in your sentences.
  • do with
  • french leave

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