Friday, 26 August 2016

My Financial Career Test with Goodbye Mr. Chips

1.They offered him refuge.
a.       reward
b.      asylum
c.       shelter
d.      concession
2.After much reflection,I put a bracket round it.
a.       pause
b.      tension
c.       problem
d.      thinking
3.She resemble with her mother
a.       She resembles her mother
b.      She resembles with her mother
c.       She resembles to her mother
d.      She resemble with her mother

4.This book is most the interesting of three
a.       This book is the most interesting of three
b.      This book is the more interesting of three
c.       This book is most the interesting of three
d.      This book is more interesting the of three

5. I will wait ______ 6:30, but then I'm going home. 
 a. from
b. at
c. until
My Financial Career

 Short Question

Q. 1:  Why did people think the author was some invalid millionaire?
Q. 2:    Who was Mr. Montogomery?
Q. 3:    What other blunders did Leacock commit after leaving the manager’s office?
Q.4:     Did Mr. Chips write any book consisting of his memories?
Q.5:     Who was Ogilive?
Q. 6:    What was the reaction of the Turkish patriots to the intentions of the allies to partition the Ottoman Empire?
Q. 7:  What happened on 23rd of April, 1920?
Q. 8:  Why October 1923 I famous in the history of the world?
Use the following Idioms in your sentences.
  • fall off
  • go to seed

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