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ECAT 2014 past paper

You may know that almost 70% percent of ECAT 2016 was repeated from ECAT 2014 past paper.Chemistry especially was repeated about 90%.There were people who had solved that and the paper was nothing but just just a piece of cake.
This paper may or may not come in 2017 but this paper will give you a deep insight of how the paper will be and it's difficult level.

ECAT 2014 paper


1)    Why do Lead batteries run out over time ?
2)    All sides are equal but no angle equals 90°.....(rhombohedral) 3) when KMnO4 react with H2S which gas release?
4)    By increasing which of following energy of emmited electron increases???
1) wavelength
2) intensity
5)    speed of sound in o2 is x then speed in h2 is??
6)    Acetaldehyde Is Obtained From  Ethanol Oxidati0n
7)    Boiling Point Of Water At Murree Hills ?? 
a=102¤ b=68¤ c=35
8)    Which Of Following Used For Disinfecting Water 
Chlorine Dioxide 
9)    What Is Fermented In The Presence Of Enzymes To Produce Ethanol.? A) Proteins
b) Lipids
c)  Starch
d) None Of These
10) Nitrogen configuration. 1s2, 2s2,2p3
11) From which of these is acetaldehyde is made? Its actually ethanal in other words  A) methyl alcohol
b) ethyl alcohol.
C. acetone
d)all of these. Ethyl alc0h0l
12) Which of these ions have more electrons than protons and m0re protons than neutrons? Oxygen, deutrium and hydrogen mass and proton no. Given.
B)  H+
C) D- D) OH- 13) Oxidation states of boron.
+3 and -3
14) biogas is obtained from? 
15) elec config of element having -3??? (al)
16) Which is not use as fertilyzer?a)inhaderus amunia.b)putasium hadroxide.c)both 17) Which iron is used in open hearth process?
18) When water freezes it expand how much??
19) Ethan0l ki preprati0n me knsa catalyst use h0ta hai ?
20) allotropy ki definati0n


1)            In an inelastic collision what is conserved? A) kinetic energy.
B) momentum
c)  momentum and kinetic energy
d) momentum and total energy.
2) If a=9.8m/s² and from some height dropped then acerlation of the ball just after leaving hand is(neglect air friction).........
A) > 9.8 B) < 9.8
c) =9.8
D) Depending upon speed with which ball released
3)           When a person is moving in a evalator when the lift is just start then the weight of body is...
A.. First inc, remain constant then Inc
B.. First inc, remains constant then dec
C.. First Dec, remains constant then Inc
D.  Remains same
4)                  When water flow down a tap its cross section area decrease due to.?
5)                  The frequency of carrier wave in f.m ......
6)                  what power is produced by 500 kg satilite moving with speed 3000m/s?
7)                  vi = 100 angle is 45 then time of projectile??
8)                  Which of the following machines does not use electromagnetic waves:
X-Ray Machine
9)                  How many 20m ohm resistances for 2.5 m ohm?
10)               How many 15micro farad capacitor form 150 micro farad capacitors?
11)               When Pickle Is Placed In Path Of Current ?? 
a)Curent Flows 
b)Dosent Flows 
12)               Young Double Slit Is Peformed With Which Waves?
13)               Electromagnetic Waves Does Not Operate?
A  Radio 
B   Mobile
C   Ultra Sound 
D  Sound
14)                Which Of The Following Waves Show Interference sound waves radio waves
visible light
all of these
15)                Transistors can not use as? a) switch b)power source c) inverter ?
16)                Velocity time graph. Trapezium. Max height 20m/s axis marked. average speed to find out.
Find area under graph=distance divide by time= answer 15 m/s
17)                If a truck of 1000kg mass is pulling a car of 500kg mass with constant speed of 10 m/s if the rope break and truck moves with 13 m/s find speed of car
4m/s in backward direction.
4m/s in forward direction.
will stop
same speed


1)      find value of x if log(x+5)=2-logx
2)      if X = Cos@, then Sin@ = ???? (1-x²)½
3)      s =[3 0] 
     [0 3] what is S^4
4)      Intigrate |4x-1| limits 0 and 1 A)-1
b) 2
c)  0
d) 1
5)      (2.02 )^ 4
6)      if for n>0 
4x^2 + kx + 25 = (2x + n)^2 , what will be the value of k-n? a) 3
b) 12
c)  0
d) 6  
7)      A=[1 0 then A+A^-1=kI then p=?
     0 p]
8)      1+cosx/sinx + sinx/1+cosx ?

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