Monday, 5 September 2016

Ragged In NUML University

Ragging in national university of modern languages Islamabad

Being a semi-military controlled institute, one might think that there will be no ragging at NUML. But with little research before even going to NUML you would find otherwise. The senior students get ready beforehand, they are well prepared and synchronize every other to keep up with time.
AND Also you would find out at one Fan-made NUML page captioning a college picture of various funny ragging picture "Ragging tu honi hai har soorat" just 2 days before the start of semester.

 What happened in University on my first day?

Now let's go on the grounds... The Department of CS, SE and EE students are firstly ragged by the seniors who know that this class will probably go free. The unexpecting first timers waiting for teacher in the class instead get seniors in there class with no way to escape. The seniors which are either 5th semester students or 3rd or 8th then start calling one or two students in order and ask them to perform various tasks (some quite humiliating but not too offensive) . Boys rag boys and girls rag girls.

One thing is noticeable that even though the tasks are quite humiliating but they don't push too much, that doesn't mean that you can escape easily, they will surely ask you to repeat if they are not satisfied but if they see you cracking,someone from them might rescue you.

Those students who are ragged in the first class might feel relieved that the rest of day will go fine but that's not it. That was one batch ragging you.. 

raggingOut there every group you see will try to rag you. Mostly at the department gates. Don't think that if you guys move in big group you will survive, they have bigger groups and fighting your way out, DON'T even think about it, the ragging is not too extreme its for fun and confidence building if you take it positively but fighting NO NO NO. NUML is semi military controlled university, the administration might have turned a blind eye to ragging as it is not done too extremely but if you are seen fighting or trying to fight you are expelled no matter what.

Well you can always blend in, but it is risky too. Don't act like you are new, they have certain ways of finding tho.
ragged cartoonOne can get ragged at department halls in front of everybody or in corner as long as no staff member is around.
They even snatch you documents and give it to their fellow girls and then you will have to perform task assigned by the girl to get back your documents. etc etc

The ragging done by Business dept. is the most extreme I guess. They surround the newcomers outside the dept building and give them various tasks "knee fighting, dancing, push ups, humiliating acts etc etc" everyone do that but these guys do it more openly.

Now don't get too scared. This will only go for one day to one week at maximum until your studies start.

Ragging is trend now a days and the guys and NUML try to accomplish it I guess, but they sure don't cross the limits.You might think of them as devils on first day but they are mature and friendly and will give you advice about preparing for midterm exams, not bunking classes and not disrespect any teacher.

angryThey will applaud you in the end and will wish you good luck and will apologies.

NUML is a good institute not just for languages but Sciences dept. also has great staff. The university's environment is very great and you will have a good and peaceful time there.

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