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Get PEEF scholarships for Undergraduate

The Punjab Educational Endowment Fund (PEEF) is an initiative of the Government of Punjab under the leadership of Chief Minister Punjab.
PEEF (PUNJAB EDUCATIONAL ENDOWMENT FUND) and UKAID offered 37 scholarships to NUST undergraduates in 2015.
The Punjab Educational Endowment Fund was initially established with seed money of Rs. 2 billion, which has now been raised to Rs. 11 billion.
The fund is for needy students.

PEEF scholarships criteria

The criteria is simple you should have:
Punjab demicile (as PEEF is offered by Punjab government)
At least 60% marks in FSC pr equivalent exam.
Passed exam as a regular student from a government institute or as a private student or from a private institution with low fee.
PEEF requirements
Family with income less than 30k.
No other active scholarship.

  • Scholarships for the students of private affiliated institutions will be awarded on the basis of district, educational group & gender wise merits.
  • Marks improvers, repeaters and students having star (*) on their result cards are not eligible for all levels and categories of PEEF scholarships.

What does PEEF offer:

PEEF will pay 8800 Pakistani Rupees monthly.It's good source to get almost free education in your desired university.
Since its establishment, PEEF has awarded more than 60,000 scholarships worth Rs. 3 billion to students of Punjab and other provinces.
Year    Awarded Scholarships          Completed Active
2008 - 09 5,326 5,326 -
2009 - 10 5,484 5,484 -
2010 - 11 6,982 6,829 153
2011 - 12 13,345 12,138 1,207
2012 - 13 9,952 7,916 2,036
2013 - 14 10,329 5,997 4,332
2014 - 15
* In Process
11,021 0 11,021
Total 62,439 43,690 18,749
The table is taken from official PEEF website for educational purpose.

How to apply for PEEF scholarship?

applyIt's simple easy.You will first have to download a form.Then you will take out it's print.
In the next step,you will fill it properly by attaching required pictures and documents.

Finally you will have to send these forms to the address mentioned on form.

PEEF scholarship form

Apply for PEEF scholarship at NUST
NNBS scholarship is attached with PEEF so you can download the form on above mentioned link.If you are looking for PEEF scholarship in any other university then get the respective form from their official sites or comment below to get help.

PEEF scholarships are also available for Master level graduates.

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