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Chapter 7 Fundamental principals of Organic Chemistry

MCQs of Fundamental principals of Organic Chemistry

Book=Second year Chemistry
Chapter = 7
chapter 7
Choice is red is correct one!
1.                  The octane no. of the poor fuel can be improved by blending it with small amount of additive like
(a)                       Lead oxide     (b) Tetraethyl lead         (c) n-octane  (d) Gasoline
2.                  Which one of the followings is the general formula of alkene
(a)                       CnH2n                      (b) CnH2n+2                     (c) CnH2n -2  (d) CnH2n+1
3.                  Which one of the following compound is not organic in nature 
(a)                       CHF3       (b) CO2          (c) CCl4    (d) HCHO
4.                  Glucose and fructose are
(a)                       Chain isomers (b) Position isomers (c) Functional isomers   (d)  Metamers
5.                  Preparation of vegetable ghee involves
(a)                       Halogenation (b) Hydrogenation  (c)   Hydroxylation  (d) Dehydrogenation
6.                  The presence of a double bond in a compound is the sign of 
(a)                       Saturation   (b) Un-saturation  (c) Substitution  (d)  None of these
7.                  Ethene is produced from Ethyl Chloride by 
(a)                       Hydration                        (b) Dehydration  
                (c)           Dehalogenation              (d)Dehydrohalogenation
Organic Chemistry 
8.                  The most characteristic reaction of alkene is 
(a)                       Substitution    (b) Elimination         
                  (c) Addition            (d) Dehydration
9.                  Which one of the following substances is more reactive 
(a)                       Alkane            (b) Alkene      (c) Alkyne               (d) Benzene
10.              Which gas is used for Welding prupose?
                (a)| Butane              (b) Nitrogen            
                  (c) Methane           (d) Acetylene
11.              Acetylene is used in the manufacture of 
(a)                       Rubber  (b) Plastic               (c) Ethyl alcohol  
(d)  All of these
12.              Synthesis of rubber is made by polymerization of
(a)                       Chloroform             (b) Acetylene          
                  (c) Divinylacetylene     (d)  Butene
13.              The four bonds of carbon in methane are directed towards the corners of 
(a)                       Cube       (b) Pentagon (c) Hexagon (d)  Tetrahedron
14.              Which of the following is a heterocyclic compound
(a)                       Benzene         (b) Pyridine    (c) Toluene 
(d) Chlorobenzene
15.              Ethanol and dimethyl ether are
(a)                       Position isomers                            (b) Functional isomers 
                  (c) Chain isomers                                  (d) Metamers
16.              A photochemical reaction which is catalyzed by the presence of 
(a)                       Ni             (b) Pt                       (c) Sunlight     (d) FeCl3
17.              Marsh gas contains a large proportion of 
(a)                       Acetylene       (b) Ethane              (c) Ethylene  (d)  Methane
18.              Urea was synthesized in the laboratory from 
(a)                       Ammonium chloride              (b) Amm. Cyanate
                 (c)  Amm. Bicarbonate                          (d) Ammonia gas
19.              The chains in aliphatic hydrocarbons may be 
(a)                       Branched only                       (b) Non-Branched only
                (c)           Branch or Non branched       (d) None of these
20.              Furan is a ________ compound
(a)                       Acyclic            (b) Alicyclic    (c) Heterocyclic      
(d) None of these
21.              Two carbon atoms joined by a double bond
(a)                       Can rotate freely           (b) Cannot rotate freely

                (c)           Sometimes rotate freely        (d) None of these 

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