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Chapter 1 Periodic Classification of Elements MCQs

Periodic Classification of Elements MCQs second year MCQs

Chapter 1 
1.                  The first comprehensive scheme for the classification of elements was given by 
a.                   Al-Razi            b.         Dobereiner      c.         Newlands                    d.         Mendelecve 
2.                  f-block elements are also called as:
a.                   Inner transition elements                     b.         Lanthanides and Actinides 
            c.         Rare Earth elements                            d.         All of these 
3.                  Third period in the modern periodic table contains how many transition elements? 
a.                   2                      b.         8                      c.         10                                d.         None 
4.                  Which one of the followings is a greatest block of the periodic table? 
a.                   S-block            b.         P-block            c.         d-block                        d.         f-block
5.                  Which one of the followings substance conduct electricity by the movement of ions? 
a.                   Graphite          b.         Copper            c.         Mercury                       d.         Fused NaCl
6.                  Elements belonging to the same period have 
a.                   Same chemical properties                      b.         Same no. of es in the valence shell 
            c.         Same no. of total shells                       d.         All of these 
7.                  Which one of the following sets consists of all coinage Metals? 
a.                   Cu, Hg, Au     b.       Cu, Ag, Hg       c.         Cu, Ag, Au                 d.         All of these 
8.                  All are isoelectronic species except 
a.                   N–3 / O–2          b.         Ne / F–1            c.         Na+ / Al3+                    d.         Na+ / K+
9.                  Which one of the following families contains monoatomic molecules? 
a.                   Halogens         b.         Alkali Metals  c.          Rare gases                   d.         Coinage Metals 
10.              Which of the following statements is incorrect? 
a.                   All the metals are good conductor of electricity                     
b.                  All the metals are good conductor of Heat 
c.                   All the metals from +ve ions    d. All the metals from acidic oxide  11. Lanthanides and Actinides belongs to which group? 
            a.         IA                      b.         IB                      c.         III B                                 d.         None 
12.              Which one of the following elements will form polymeric halides? 
a.                   Na, Ba             b.         C, Si                c.         Be, Al                          d.         Cu, Ag
13.              Which one of the following oxide is more acidic?
a.                   Na2O  b.         Al2O3   c.         P4O10                                d.         Cl2 O7
14.              Elements of Group IB are called as
a.                   Alkali metals                                       b.         Coinage metals             
                c.         Noble metals                                       d.         Alkaline earth metals
15.              Which one of the following has lowest heat of hydration?
a.                   L1+                   b.         K+                    c.         Ca2+                             d.         Ba2+
16.              Which element has the highest M.P and B.P?
a.                   Na                   b.         Mg                   c.         Carbon                        d.         Boron 
17.              A covalent bond is unlikely exist in which of the following substance 
a.                   Si F4                b.         CaO                 c.         SeH2                d.         Br2
18.              Best position of hydrogen in periodic table is above group IA which is mainly due to 
a.                   Similar electronic                                b.         Configuration               
                c.         Both are not found in free state electro positive                                 d.         All of these 
19.              Higher electron affinity means, 
a.                   Atom will loose electron easily           b.         Atom will gain electron easily             
                c.         Atom may form di-positive ion          d.         None of these 
20.              Melting points of halogens 
a.                   Decreases, down the group     b.         Increase, down the group 
 c. Remains same throughout the group  d. First increased then decreases down the group  21. Which one of the followings element has greatest 1st ionization energy? 
            a.         Li                     b.         Be                    c.         F                                  d.         Ne
22.              Seventh period contains how many normal elements? 
a.                   2                      b.         4                      c.         6                                  d.         8
23.              Which of the following pair of elements belongs to the same group? 
a.                   B & Be            b.         N & P              c.         Mg & Al                      d.         Ga & He
24.              Which one of the following group of elements has the lowest ionization energies? 
a.                   VIII-A            b.         VII-A              c.         I-A                              d.         II-A
25.              Which one is the most basic oxide? 
a.                   Na2O  b.         BeO                 c.         CaO                             d.         Li2 O
26.              Which one of the following oxide is ampho-teric in Nature? 
a.                   Be O    b.         Bi2 O3              c.         Al2 O3                          d.         All of these 
27.              Which one of the following oxides is more acidic in nature 
a.                   Mn O  b.         Mn2 O3            c.         Mn O2                         d.         Mn2 O7
28.              The ability of transition metal oxides increases with 
a.                   Decreasing oxidation state                  b.         Increasing oxidation state        
                c.         Increasing atomic size                        d.         Decreasing electro negativity 
29.              The Second and Third electron affinities are endothermic process due to 
a.                   Increase in atomic size                        b.         Increase in electro negativity  
            c.         Repulsion due to –ve ion present        d.         Attraction of incoming es by Nucleous 
30.              The only hydride of group VI A that has its boiling point in +ve is 
a.                   H2S                  b.         H2 Se               c.         H2 Te              d.         H2O
31.              Which one of the following is considered as index of metallic and non-metallic character 
a.                   Heat of hydration                               b.         Ionization energy                     
                c.         Electron affinity                                  d.         All of these 
32.              Which one of the following properties is an index of strength of Binding forces of a substances 
a.                   Oxidation state                                   b.         1 m P and b P
            c.         Ionization energy                                d.         Electron affinity 
33.              Which one of the following is not an element of P-block? 
a.                   Al                    b.         Bi                    c.         As                                d.         He
34.              Make the correct statement 
a.                   Elements just below the steps are metalloids  
b.                  Elements at top right corner of the stopped line one non-metals                       
c.                   All the elements except H2 at the left corner of stepped line are metals    d. None of them
35.              Which one of following pair of elements show diagonal relationship 
a.                   Li                     b.         Be and Al        c.         Both a and b   d.         None of them
36.              The group no of an element represents 
a.                   Total ns of shells in it                          b.         Total ns of valence       
                c.         Its atomic mass                                   d.         All of these 
37.              Which one of the following Halides is an ionic compound? 
a.                   PbCl4   b.         PbCl2   c.         Si Cl4              d.         PCl3
38.              Which one of the following species is isoelectronic with Ca2+?
a.                   Na                   b.         Sr2+                        c.         Ar                                      d.         Ba2+
39.              Which one of the followings is most stable hydride 
a.                   CH4                 b.         NH3                 c.         PH3                              d.         HF 
40.              The elements of group A in modern periodic table are 
a.                   Transition elements                 b.         Representative elements                      

                c.         Alkaline earth metals                          d.         Rare earth elements  

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