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FAST NU entry test guide

FAST University entry test intro

FAST University is leading in Computer field in Pakistan.Apart from NTS NAT,FAST also conducts it FAST NU test.

Performance of candidates in the computer based test is used to prepare a merit list, sorted on the marks obtained in the test (in descending order). The candidates are selected for admission starting from the top of this list.

Test Structure

The duration of the test can vary, but in most cases it is approximately two hours. The test consists of several multiple choice questions (MCQs). These questions are divided into multiple sections such as Mathematics, English, IQ, etc. Each Test has its own set of sections. Each section is assigned a specific time to attempt, number of questions and weight of questions in that section. A section may also be specified to have the negative marking feature. Information on each section is displayed on the instructions page in the Test Summary Table) which is the first page, which a candidate views immediately after login.
The maximum time allowed to answer all questions in a section is displayed in the Test Summary Table on the Instructions page. This time is also displayed on every page of the test so that the candidates can pace themselves according to the time left for that section. After the time for a section is up, the candidate is taken to the next section. Candidate can NOT go back to the previous section. This is very important to keep in mind while taking the test.

Number of Questions

A section has a specified number of questions. This number is displayed in the Test Summary Table and also on every page of the test.

Weight of a question

All questions in a section are assigned a certain weight, which is used to calculate the candidate’s score in that section. This information is displayed in the Test Summary Table on the Instructions page.
Usually this trend is followed:
Advance Mathematics = 40 MCQs of each 1 mark
Basic Math = 10 MCQs of each 2 marks
English = 20 MCQs of each 0.5 mark
Physics = 20 MCQs of each 1 mark
IQ = 20 MCQs of each 0.5 mark

Negative Marking

One or more sections may contain negative marking. This information is displayed in the table on the instructions page and also on every page of the test. The candidate has the option to leave the question un-answered to avoid receiving negative marks for a wrong answer. This can be done by using the RESET button to de-select the selected answer choice.

1.2 Overall Conduct Instructions

Please note the following instructions and guidelines for taking the online admission test:
Candidates should NOT bring Calculators, cell phones, or any sort of stationery to the test center. If such items are brought by the candidates, those will be left outside the test center entirely at the candidate’s risk.
1.                  All required stationery items (pencil, eraser, sharpener, and blank sheet for rough work) will be provided to the candidates by the Invigilation staff.
2.                  Candidates MUST reach their specified Test Center by the Reporting Time stated on their Admit Card. Late comers will not be allowed to take the test.
3.                  Rough work may be done only on the Rough Sheets provided by the invigilation staff.

4.                  Use of unfair means or non-compliance with the instructions (given in this document or in the examination area) will disqualify the candidate from the test and his/her name will not be included in the merit list of candidates. 

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