Monday, 29 August 2016

Test of Goodbye Mr. Chips ending chapters with preposition

Part 2 test 9
1.Europe was politically upheaved.
a.       protected
b.      shocked
c.       disturbed
d.      injured
2.For his marriage was triumphant success.
a.       exultant
b.      sure
c.       remarkable
d.      heart-rendering
3.So did bereavement
a.       sorrow
b.      profit
c.       management
d.      loss
4.Every of these girls is learning her lession
a.       Everyone of these girls is learning her lession
b.      Everyone of these girls are learning her lession
c.       Everyone of these girls is learning their lession
d.      Every of these girls is learning her lession
5. My best friend, John, is named ______ his great-grandfather. 
 a. after
b. to
c. about
Goodbye Mr. Chips
Q.1:     When did Chips resign for the first time?
Q.2:     Where did he reside after retirement?
Q.3:     Who succeeded Ralston?
Q.4:     When and why did Chips join Brookfield again?
Q.5:     Who was Forrester?
Q.6:     When and how did Chatteris die?
Q.7:     When did he become the acting head of the school again and why?
Q.8:     Who was Herr Staefel / Max Staefel?
Use the following Idioms in your sentences.
  • red tape
  • set up

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