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Chapter 1 Basic concept of Chemistry solved

Chapter 1 of FSC part 1

Choose the correct MCQs from the following.

1.      X – ray work has shown that diameter of atoms are of the order:
(a) 8 x 10-10 m       (c) 2 x 10-8 m (b) 8 x 10-8 m    (d) 2 x 10-10 m
2.      How many moles are there in 8 gms of hydrogen gas?
(a)      1 mole           (c) 4 moles
(b)      2 moles         (d) 8 moles
3.      Calculate the percentage of oxygen in heavy water.
(a)      80%    (c) 50%
(b)      60%    (d) 20%
4.      The number of moles of CO2 which contains 16g of oxygen.
(a) 0.50      (c) 1.0 (b) 0.25            (d) 1.50
5.      What is the mass of 4.00 x 10-3 mole of glucose:
(a)      180g   (c) 0.720g
(b)      18.02g            (d) 7.20g
6.      A beaker contains 9g of water. The number of H atoms is.
(a)      3.01 x 1023     (c) 6.02 x 1024
(b)      6.02 x 1023     (d) 3.01 x 1024
7.      Weight of single atom of oxygen is:
(a) 16g       (c) 2.65 x 10-23 (b) 32g            (d) 4.58 x 1023g
Basic concept of Chemistry

8.      The volume occupied by 1.4g of N2 at S.T.P is.
(a)      2.24dm3         (c) 1.92dm3
(b)      22.4dm3         (d) 1.12dm3
9.      The percentage of H is highest in:
(a)      CH4   (c) H2SO4
(b)      NH3   (d) C6H12O6
10.  The pressure of vapours when sent to the ionization chamber in mass spectrometer is:
(a)      10-5 to 10-6 torr          (c) 10-7 to 10-8 torr
(b)      10-6 to 10-7 torr          (d) 10-3 to 10-4 torr
11.  Which of the following compounds contains the highest percentage by mass of nitrogen?
(a)      NH3   (c) (NH4)2 CO3
(b)      NH2CO2NH4            (d) N2H4
12.  Which one of the following compounds does not have the empirical formula CH2O?
(a)   Ethanoic acid, CH3CO2H          (c) Glucose, C6H12O6
(b)   Ethanol, CH3CH2OH     (d) Methanol, HCHO
13.  Which one of the following has mono atomic molecules?
(a)      Water            (c) Ozone
(b)      Milk (d) Hellium
14.  When NH3 gas reacts with HCl white fumes are formed which are chemically?
(a)      NH4   (c) HCl fumes
(b)      NH4Cl           (d) Cl-
15.  A compound having empirical formula C3H3O and its molar mass is 110. Its molecular formula is.
(a)      C3H3O
(b)      C6H6O2
16. Example of molecular ion is.
(c)       CaHaO3
(d)     C3H6O2

(a)      N+H4
(b)      H+3O
17. 1 mole of SO4-2 is equal to:
(c) C+H4 (d) All of these

(a)      92g of SO4-2
(b)      94g of SO4-2
18. Mg metal reacts with HCl to give.
(c)       96g of SO4-2
(d)     98g of SO4-2

(a)      H2
(b)      Cl2
19. Actual yield is affected by.
(c)       Both a & b
(d)     None

(a)      Inexperience worker
(b)      Apparatus fault
20. The mass of 1 mole of electron is:
(c)       Side reaction
(d)     All           of
(a)      1.008 mg
(b)      0.184 mg
21. Empirical formula of hydrazine is.
(c)       1.673mg
(d)     0.55mg

(a)      NH2
(b)      N2H3
(c)       N2H4
(d)     N2H6

22.  Which of the following compounds have same number of electrons, protons and neutrons?
(a)      N2 and CO2   (c) N2 and Cl2
(b)      N2 and CO    (d) N2 and O2

23.  The largest number of molecules are present in.
(a)      3.6 g of H2O (c) 2.8 g of CO
(b)      4.6 g of C2H5OH      (d) 5.4 g of N2O5
24.  A neclace has 6g of diamond in it. What is the number of atoms in it?
(a)      6.02 x 1023     (c) 1.003 x 1023
(b)      12.04 x 1023   (d) 3.01 x 1023
25.  The total number of oxygen atoms in 22g of CO2 gas is.
                          (a) 6.02 x 1023                                                       (b) 3.01 x 1023
(c) 12.04 x 1023
26. Ethylene glycol is used as.
(d) 3.0 x 1023
(a)      Fuel in rockets
(b)      Sweeting agent
(c)       Ceramic material
(d)     Antifreez
27.  A glass is full of water and contains 3.01 x 1023 molecules of H2O. The mass of water molecule is.
(a)      18g     (c) 3g
(b)      9g       (d) 0.9g
28.  How many moles of CO are present having 12.04 x 1023 molecules of CO? 
(a)      0.5mol           (c) 1.5mol
(b)      1.0mol           (d) 2.0mol
29.  The number of Al3+ ions in AlCl3 is 2.007 x 1023 . The number of Cl- ions are.
(a)      6.02 x 1023     (c) 12.04 x 1023  
(b)      3.01 x 1023     (d) 1.5 x 1023

30.  One mole of ethanol and one mol of ethane have an equal?
(a)      Masses          (c) No. of electrons
(b)      No. of atoms            (d) No. of molecules
31.  What is the ratio of volumes of 2g of H2 to the volume of 16g of methane, both volumes are at STP?
(a)      1:8      (c) 1:1
(b)      1:2      (d) 2:1
32.  If four moles of sulphur dioxide are oxidized to sulphur trioxide, how many moles of oxygen are present.
(a)      0.5      (c) 1.5
(b)      1.0      (d) 2.0
33.  A compound contains 50% sulphur and 50% oxygen by mass. The empirical formula of compound is:
(a)      SO
(b)      SO2
34. What is the mass of one mol of iodine?
(c)       SO3
(d)     S2O3
(a)      53g
(b)      74g
35. Mass in grams of 2.74 moles of KMno4.
(c)       127g
(d)     254g
(a)      332.92g
(b)      232.92g
(c)       132.92g
(d)     432.92g
36. The least no. of molecules is present in 30g of.
(a)      N2O   (c) NO2
(b)      NO    (d) N2O3
37. Efficiency of chemical reaction is checked by calculating.
(a)      Amount of limiting reactant
(b)      Amount of reactant in excess
(c)       Amount of product formed (d) Amount of reactant left unused
38.  The mathematical relationship for m / e is.
(a)      Hr / 2E         (c) Hr2 / 2E
(b)      H2r2 / 2E       (d) H2r / 2E
39.  The number of electrons in one mole of hydrogen gas is.
(a)      6.02 x 1023     (c) Only two
(b)      12.04 x 1023   (d) Indefinite
40.  The relative atomic mass of oxygen according to C – 12.00 amu standard is.
(a)      Less then 16
(b)      More then 16
(c)       16 Only

(d)     No relationship between their masses 

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