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UHS MCAT entry test syllabus

UHSUniversity of Health Sciences Lahore which is known as UHS is a medical university which is known all over the world.
The university gives admission in fields like MBBS and BDS etc.

Mark distribution of UHS entry test 2016

PHYSICS                    44 
CHEMISTRY             58
ENGLISH                   30
BIOLOGY                  88

TOTAL                       220

Physics topics for UHS test

1. Physical Quantities and Units 
2. Forces 
3. Fluid Dynamics 
4. Light 
5. Waves 
6. Deformation of Solids 
7. Ideal Gases 
8. Heat and Thermodynamics 
9. Electronics 
10. Current Electricity 
11. Magnetism and Electromagnetism 
12. Modern Physics 
13. Nuclear Physics


Physical Chemistry 
1. Fundamental Concepts 
2. States of Matter 
3. Atomic Structure 
4. Chemical Bonding 
5. Chemical Energetics
6. Solutions
7. Electrochemistry 
8 Chemical Equilibrium 
9. Reaction Kinetics 
Inorganic Chemistry 
1. Periods 
2. Groups 
3. Transition elements 
4. Elements of Biological Importance 
Organic Chemistry 
1. Fundamental Principles 
2. Hydrocarbon 
3. Alkyl Halides 
4. Alcohols and Phenols 
5. Aldehydes and Ketones 
6. Carboxylic Acid 
7 Amino Acids 
8. Macro-molecules 
9. Environmental Chemistry

Biology syllabus in UHS

biology1. Introduction to Biology 
2. Cell Biology 
3. Biological Molecules 
4. Microbiology 
5. Kingdom Animalia 
6. Human Physiology 
7. Bioenergetics 
8. Biotechnology 
9. Ecosystem 
10.Evolution and Genetics

The important part in English is synonyms.All the important synonyms are mention in the downoad available for download given below.NUSTweb also provides exta important synonyms test also for practice. 

Download detailed syllabus of UHS MCAT

The above mentioned is just basic syllabus while if you check the official document of syllabus provided by UHS office,it compromises details based upon many pages.Due to unavailability of time,I am unable to jot down all the details but I shall certainly give you official document to analyse it completely and get in-depth insight of how the UHS paper will be made.
Download UHS

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