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Joining instructions for NICE

NUST map
Guide map of NICE
1.            NUST Institute of Civil Engineering (NICE), School of Civil & Environmental Engineering (SCEE), National University of Science and Technology (NUST) is a prime Institution of the country offering high quality education in Civil Engineering. NICE offers Bachelor of Civil Engineering Degree besides MS and PhD programmes and remains in the forefront as a constitute institute of NUST in promoting sound engineering education characterized by quality, extensive research and global exposure. Graduates of the NUST are made to develop the potential and promise to deliver in the technology and business-intensive environment of today and meet the challenges of the highly competitive world of tomorrow.

2.            Careful reading and understanding of the information contained in this document will aid the student’s smooth transition to this new phase of their academic life.  An overview of various aspects of training and administration is provided so as to help you settle down during the first few weeks. We look forward to meeting you and pursuing your degree program successfully at NICE.
3.            To apprise students and their guardians on the following aspects:-

a.                   Documents to be submitted on arrival
b.                  Hostel accommodation
c.                   Orientation program
d.                  Hand Book for Undergraduate Students(To be issued on arrival)
4.            All students will be registered with NUST and allotted a registration number within first two weeks of Fall Semester.


5.            The undergraduate Civil Engineering (CE) program is based on academic and research requirements as prescribed by NUST Statutes/ Policies and PEC’s guidelines. Upon successful completion, students will be awarded BE (Civil Engineering) Degree by NUST, duly accredited by Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC).

Training Facilities Available at the Campus
6.            The Institute offers following facilities:-
a.      Library
(1)                  A purpose built spacious library is located within the building for the students. Library has variety of books on engineering, computers, history, general topics and civil engineering in particular in the form of hard and soft copy. In addition, latest books and magazines are purchased on regular basis to supplement the books already held. The number of technical books in different forms is as follow:-
(a)        Books (hard copies)                                        -           20000
(b)        Online Books/Journals through HEC             -           70000
(c)        CDs/DVDs                                                     -           600
(d)       MS Thesis                                                       -           515
(e)        Manuals                                                           -           35
(f)         Book Bank                                                      -           1575
(g)        ASCE Journals                                                -           350

(2)         Access to National and International Data-Bases. Line and wireless internet is available in the library to access other libraries. Access to various databases is available:
(a)        McGraw Hill Books,   Springer link,   ASCE
(b)        Science Direct, E-brary, Jstore
(c)        Taylor & Francis Journals &   IEEE Journals & Magazines
(d)       Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET)
(e)        Engineering Solutions for Academia (ESDU)
(f)        World Bank E-Library etc.

(3)         Journals / International Publications. Various national and international journals pertaining to civil engineering are available in hard and soft form and sufficient number of journals and magazines are subscribed through hard copies. The library is also linked to the HEC-supported online access to various research journals.

b.         Reproduction.  Photo copying, and printing facilities are available on payment. Photocopying and reproduction of copy right and classified documents is strictly forbidden.

c.         Computer Centre.  A well-equipped computer lab is available to students. Latest, state of the art computer software’s are available for academic and the research work to the students. Internet facilities are available throughout the campus in the form of LAN and WAN.

d.         Training Aids.  Multi-media, view graphs, slide projector, digital cameras, etc; are available for use as and when required.

e.         Stationery:     Students can purchase stationery from campus stationary shop.
Joining Procedure
7.                  All students will report on 17th Sep at 0900 hours at NICE reception desk in NICE building. On arrival, the students will sign the arrival register placed at the reception office of NICE. Orientation program is attached as per Annex A.

8.               Students should bring along following documents:-
a.       Original National Identity Card along with 4 attested photo copies
b.      6 (Six) passport size and 4 (Four) “1x1”photographs
c.       Medical fitness certificate along with blood group report a registered
Medical practitioner
d.      Original SSC, HSSC (or equivalent) along with 4x photocopies of each certificate duly attested. (Keep photocopies and scanned copies for your personal record subsequent use) as your original documents will be retained by institute.
e.       O/A level examinations equivalent certificates from IBCC
f.       Original NUST selection letter
g.      Forms. The following attached forms should be filled, signed and submitted upon joining:-
(a)         Student Performa                                                              Annex B
(b)         Undertaking (on Rs.20 stamp paper)                                Annex C
(c)         Particulars of wards of defence service personnel            Annex D
(d)        Undertaking by students and parents/guardians               Annex E
General Information
9.               Accommodation.
a.       Students interested in hostel accommodation should download the hostel-accommodation Form from the NUST website or following link:
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b.      NUST students requesting hostel accommodation will be provided with
furnished rooms. However, the students shall bring their own bedding, i.e. bed cover, pillow with cover, blanket, etc.
c.       Hostel accommodation is allotted on first-come first-serve basis depending on availability.

10.           Dress Code / Outfit / Clothing. There is no specified uniform; however a proper dress code is to be followed, as specified below:
a.          Male Students
(1)   Dress pants and dress shirts of decent color (Shorts or Bermudas not
(2)   Simple jeans with T-Shirt (with collar).
(3)   Shalwar Kameez of decent color (properly ironed).
b.         Female Students
(1)   Shirt with appropriate length and normal pattern shalwar (low neck and sleeveless shirts not allowed).
(2)   Duppatta or Shawl (compulsory).
(3)   Small heel or flat shoes (high heels not allowed).
(4)   Trousers with long shirts (trousers with slits not allowed).

11.           NUST Identity Card. All students will be issued temporary identity cards on arrival. However, permanent NUST identity cards will be issued later.  Students will be responsible for the safe custody of their identity cards.

12.           Accuracy of University Records. Students are expected to furnish accurate and complete information on all university forms and documents, including applications for admission and financial aid, references, local and home addresses and for other types of records. Provision of any inaccurate / concealment of information may lead to termination from the institute.

13.           Leave. Students are required to get the leave sanctioned in advance on prescribed leave application form. No student is allowed to leave the classrooms in anticipation. Leave application form is to be submitted only for genuine emergencies. However, 75% attendance is mandatory for the students to take semester exam in taught subjects. Students are required to be present in the classroom as per the training program.

14.           Discipline. Political activities are strictly forbidden on NUST premises, and all students are required to give a written undertaking at the time of admission that they will refrain from politics during their stay at NUST. The following practices are considered unacceptable for the students:

a.       Theft or damage to the property of Institute or of property of a member of Institute community or the property of a visitor to school or abetment to any of the above.
b.      Conduct that results in conviction of a crime or crimes in a court of competent jurisdiction may subject a student to disciplinary action including suspension or expulsion.
c.       Possession of firearms, explosives, dangerous chemicals or other weapons on NICE campus, or the display or use of the above to intimidate, frighten or control individuals.
d.      Engaging in conduct which obstructs or disrupts teaching, research, administration, disciplinary procedures, or other activities of the institute.
e.       Keeping pets/animals, cassette players etc., or possessing any morally/religiously objectionable printed material.
f.       Using drugs and smoking on the Campus.

15.              Academic Honesty

a.       NICE requires all students to adhere to high standards of integrity in their academic work. The school follows a zero-tolerance policy for activities such as plagiarism and cheating. Students found involved in such activities are subject to serious disciplinary action.
b.      Plagiarism is defined as the use, whether by paraphrase or direct quotation, of the published or unpublished work of another without full and clear acknowledgment. Cheating includes giving or receiving of unauthorized assistance on quizzes, examinations or written assignments from any source not approved by the instructor. Examples of cheating include but are not limited to:-

(1)      Submitting someone else’s work as one’s own with or without the permission of the individual concerned
(2)      Allowing someone to copy one’s work
(3)      Using a writing service or having someone else to write a paper for oneself
(4)      Using someone else’s work without proper citation
(5)      Submitting collaborative and/or group work as one’s own
(6)      Stealing a test or question paper from a teacher or her/his office

c.       Taking a course and/or examination for another student
d.      Using unauthorized materials during a test or exam

16.           Rules/Regulations.The Institute follows semester system of teaching. Grade is awarded on a variable grading system. Students will be briefed about academic regulations on joining.

17.           Scholarships & Financial Assistance. Awarded as under:-

a.       Students with semester GPA 3.50 and above are eligible for merit scholarship of differing amounts on a sliding scale.
b.      Various organizations also offer Scholarship/Financial Assistance.
c.       NUST Need Based Scholarship. Scheme available to enable financially under-privileged but talented students to acquire higher education on NUST campuses. Salient features of the scheme are:
(1)      Scholarship is based on assessment of need and merit as well as availability of funds.
(2)      Scholarship awarded for full duration of the programme in which the students is enrolled. Minimum CGPA of 2.5 is mandatory.
d.      Deferred Payment. Such needy students as are unable to pay the fee shall be allowed deferred payment on case to case basis. A beneficiary will be required to pay a minimum of 50% in each semester and the remaining 50% amount on graduation in easy installments.

18.           Transport Facility for Day Scholars. Pick and drop facility on selected routes will be provided on payment after students feedback within one week of commencement of course.

19.           Mess. All students utilizing the hostel facilities will dine in respective hostel mess and would be required to clear mess bills on monthly basis. They will become members of the mess on the day of reporting.

20.           Opening of Bank Account. All students intending to open bank account in Habib Bank Limited at H-12 Sector, Islamabad should bring 4 attested copies of CNIC along with original.  Students not in possession of ID card may use supplementary ATM of their parents’ bank accounts. (Bank Tel No’s: 051-9085 1591, 9085 1593)

21.           Personal Transport. Students joining the hostel are allowed to bring bicycle only at the time of joining. Other transport car/motor cycle will require prior permission of Hostel Management.

22.           Hand Book. An Undergraduate Student’s Hand Book will be provided on arrival of the student for detailed information regarding NUST. The students are required to read it carefully and get the undertaking (last page of handbook) countersigned by the parents/guardian.

24.  Postal Arrangements. All incoming private mail will be placed at the Reception Office next to the main entrance of the respective hostel building. Registered letters will be handed over personally. Postal address will be as follow:-
(a)        For Students
Student's name
Hostel’s name, Block & Room no.
National University of Sciences& Technology (NUST)
H-12 Sector, Kashmir Highway, Islamabad.
(b)        For NICE Office
NUST Institute of Civil Engineering (NICE)
National University of Sciences& Technology (NUST)
H-12 Sector, Kashmir Highway, Islamabad.

25.  Important Notice for Parents

a.       Under the provision of Para 33 (a) Chapter V of NUST Statues/ Regulations, a student shall Not be allowed to appear in the final examination of a subject in which his attendance is less than 75%, and he shall be awarded “F” grade in that subject. The “F” grade so obtained shall only be cleared by repetition of the course whenever offered.

b.      An online system, Learning Management System (LMS – a portal for interaction between faculty and students) is being used for sharing course contents, maintaining students’ attendance, grading etc. Students will be given a username and password for accessing LMS portal via https://lms.nust.edu.pk/portal. Parents can use the LMS credentials of their ward for checking the attendance status online any time during the semester.

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