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Chapter 11 Alcohol Phenol and ether solved MCQs

Alcohol Phenol and ether 2nd year

Choose the correct MCQs.(Red colored choice is correct one)

2. Which of the following can be used as hypnotic drugs?
(a)  Chloral hydrate     (b)  Ethanol tri-mer        (c)  Ethanol tetra-mer  (d)
Both a & b
3. ___________ is used as a slug poison.
(a)  Chloral hydrate  (b)  Ethanol trimer (c)  Ethanol tetramer (d)  None of them
chapter 114. Bakelite is a
(a)  Drug                        (b)  Resin (c)  Plastic                     (d)  Antiseptic
5.  Formalin  is used as
(a)  Antiseptic               (b)  Disinfectant (c)  Germicide     (d)  All of them
6. Urotropine is used as
(a)  Resin   (b)  Poison                    (c)  Urinary antiseptic (d) 
Flourishing agent
7. Formamint is made by
(a) Formaldehyde       (b)  Lactose        (c)  Formaldehyde + Lactose (d) 
None of them
8. Williamson’s synthesis is used to prepare
(a)  Diethylether (b)  Phenolphthalein    (c)  Hydrogenation       (d) 
9. The maltose in the presence of yeast or maltasee gives.
(a)  Fructose                (b)  Glucose                 (c)  Lignin            (d)  Alcohol
10.    All of the following would give ethyl alcohol on fermentation except.
(a)  Molasses  (b)  Starch grain (c)  Fruit juices (d)  Cholesterol 11. Mathanol is also called as __________ spirit.
(a)     Leaf            (b)     Root           (c)     Wood                   (d)     Flower
12.    Ethanol is prepared on industrial scale world over, by the process of
(a)  Fermentation (b)  Alkylation    (c)  Acylation      (d)  Hydration
13. Ethers are prepared from ________ either directly or indirectly.
(a)  Alkanes                 (b)  Alkenes                  (c)  Alcohols        (d)  Acids
14. Primary, secondary and tertiary alcohols can be distinguished by _________ test.
(a) Grignard                 (b)  Dow              (c)  Perry             (d)  Lucas
15.    The aldehyde group is present in most of the                               
(a)  Salt               (b)  Woods          (c)  Rocks            (d)  Sugars
16. If the two alkyl groups in a ketone are the same, the ketone is said to be
(a)  Straight                  (b)  Symmetrical (c)  Same            (d)
17. Ketones are obtained by the oxidation of ________ alcohols.
(a)     Primary      (b)     Secondary (c)     Tertiary      (d)     Long chain
18.    ___________ is a mixture of 40% formaldehyde, 8% methyl alcohol and 52% water.
(a)      Asbestos (b)      Pyridine
(c)     Formalin    (d)     Acetone
reaction of 
 A cynohydrin is formed by the
(a)    Alcohol and HCN        
(b)    Aldehyde and HCN
(c)     Keone and NH3             
(d)     None of them 
strongest reducing agent?
Which one of the following is the
(a)      C2H5CHO (b)     C3H6 
(c)     Ketone and HNH3        (d) 

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