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Goodbye Mr Chips last chapter Questions with essay test

Good bye Mr.Chips Last chapter's test

1.He was a legend.
a.       sportsman
b.      athelete
c.       celebrity
d.      film star
2.I have seeb the name on the hoardings.
a.       writing board
b.      announcement
c.       key board
d.      advertisement
3. He usually travels to Philadelphia _______ train. 
 a. by
b. at
c. with
4.She is ill from to cold
a.       She is ill due to cold
b.      She is ill from cold
c.       She is ill from to cold
d.      She is ill with cold
5.When he comes I entertain him
a.       When he comes I will entertain him
b.      When he come I will entertain him
c.       When he comes I entertain him
d.      When he does comes I will entertain him
Mr. Chips
Goodbye Mr.Chips

 Important Questions:

Q.1:     Whom did Chips see around him when he awoke after being unconscious?
Q.2:     Who was Linford?
Q.3:     What did Cartwright say about Chips' Children?
Q.4:     Why Linford has come to see Mr. Chips?
Q.5:     Why did Chips became sad after Linford's visit?
Q.6:     What was Chips' response on Cartwright's statement about his being issueless (childless)?
Q.7:     How did Chips die?
Q.8:     What kind of novel is this?
Use the following Idioms in your sentences.
  • to coin money
  • The last straw

1)Write an essay on:

a)My facvourite personality (b)Uses of science (c)My college library (d)Importance of exercise