Thursday, 1 September 2016

ECAT past paper 2006 complete for UET

uetECAT is an entry test which is valid in various engineering universities namely UET lahore and UET taxila.

We have provide past 10 years ECAT papers for students help.Which you can look from 'ECAT' category in right sidebar.
Now,let me reveal before you ECAT 2006 past paper in a document.



You can view,download or print the above document.If you found this helpful,please share to help this content reach everyone preparing to get admission into engineering universities.This would be a continuing charity.

When I gave ECAT entry test paper,it came 75% from ECAT past paper of 2014 while I did not prepare any past paper.So this is my very personal feeling to share and help students to know what sort of questions are asked in UET's entry test.