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MCAT 2015 paper original - Chemistry part

Past paper 2015 of MCAT by KIPS.Chemistry portion is added.MCQs are very important for medical entry test.

MCAT 2015 past paper

45                ‘Ka’ values of few organic acids are given.
The order of the acid strength is
46                An organic acid ‘z’ reacts separately with sodium bicarbonate, sodium hydroxide and sodium carbonate. Which one of the following represent the structure of ‘z’
A) HCOOC2H5                                               C) CH3CH2OH
B) CH3 – CH = CH2                                       D) H3C – CH2 – COOH
47                Carboxylic acids are rather hard to reduce, which powerful reducing agent can be used to convert them to the corresponding primary alcohol
A) H2SO4 / HgSO4                                          C) LiAlH4
B) V2O5                                                           D) K2Cr2O7/H2SO4

56                If the volume of a gas collected at a temperature of 60°C and pressure of 1.05×105 Nm-2 is 60dm3 what would be the volume of gas at STP (P = 1.01×103Nm–2, T = 273K)?
A) 25cm3                                                         C) 100cm3
B) 75cm3                                                         D) 51cm3
57                There are four orbitals s, p, d and f. Which order is correct with respect to the increasing energy of the orbitals
A) 4s < 4p < 4d < 4f                                       C) 4s < 4f < 4p < 4d
B) 4p < 4s < 4f < 4d                                       D) 4f < 4s < 4d < 4p
58                Which one of the following pairs has the same electronic configuration as possessed by neon (Ne-10)
A) Na+, Cl                                                      C) Na+, Mg+
B) K+,Cl                                                         D) Na+, F

60                The half life of N2O5 at°C is 24 minutes. How long will it take for sample of N2O5 to decay to 25% of its original concentration?
A) 24 minutes                                                 C) 120 minutes
B) 72 minutes                                                  D) 48 minutes
61                When the change in concentration is 6×10–4 moldm-3 and time for that change is 10 seconds, the rate of reaction will be
A) 6×10–3 moldm–3 sec–1                                 C)  6×10–2 moldm–3sec–1
B) 6×10–4 moldm–3 sec–1                                 D) 6×10–5 moldm–3sec–1
medical png62                Which one of the following will have the smallest radius?
A) Al+3                                                            C) Mg+2
B) Si+4                                                             D) Na+1
63                Keeping in view the size of atoms, which order is correct? 
A) N > C                                                         C) Ar > Cl
B) P > Si                                                         D) Li > Be

68                About 80% of ammonia is used for the production of
A) Explosives                                                  C) Nylon
B) Fertilizers                                                  D) polymers
69                Urea is the most widely used nitrogen fertillzer in Pakistan. Its composition is
A) NH2CO                                                      C) N2H4CO2
B) N2H5CO2                                                    D) N2H4CO
70            e        
D) Reaction must be carried out at high temperature
71                What is the percentage of nitrogen in NH3NO3?
A) 65%                                                            C) 20%
B) 35%                                                           D) 58%

72                Order of reactivity of alkenes with hydrogen halide is
A) HBr > HI > HCl                                        C) HF > HI > HCl
B) HI > HBr > HF                                          D) HI > HBr > HCl

In the above reaction, the configuration of the product is
A) 100% same of the configuration of reactant
B) 50% retained
C) 50% inverted                                             
D) 100% opposite from configuration of reactant
78                Which one of the following was used as one of the earliest antiseptic and disinfectant?
A) Phenol                                                       C) Ethanol
B) Ether                                                          D) Methanol
79                Which one of the following is NOT able to denature the ethanol?
A) Methanol                                                    C) Pyridine
B) Lactic acid                                                 D) Acetone
80                How will you distinguish between methanol and ethanol?
A) By lucas test                                              C) By oxidation
B) By silver mirror test                                   D) By iodoform test
81                To produce absolute alcohol (100%) from rectified spirit (95.6% alcohol), the remaining 4.4% water must be removed by a drying agent such as
A) Calcium oxide                                           C) Calcium carbonate
B) Calcium chloride                                        D) Carbon monoxide
82                Which one of the following is also called silver mirror test
A) Fehling’s solution test                                C) Tollen’s reagent 
B) Iodoform test                                             D) Benedict’s solution tests
86                The specific substance (metabolite) that fits on the enzyme surface and is converted to products is called
A) Co-factor                                                   C) Isoenzyme
B) Prosthetic group                                         D) Substrate
87                Polymide is formed due to the condensation of hexane-dioic acid with
A) Hexane–1,5–diamine                                 C) Hexane–1,4–diamine
B) Hexane–1,6–diamine                                D) Hexane–2,5–diamine
88                Haemoglobin is a
A) Genetic protein                                          C) Transport protein
B) Building protein                                         D) Structural protein
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90                Out of these which nitrogen base is NOT present in DNA?
A) Adenine                                                     C) Uracil
B) Guanine                                                      D) Thymine
91                Which one of the following is an example of co-polymer?
A) Polyamide                                                 C) Polyvinyl acetate
B) Polystyrene                                                D) Polyvinyl chloride
92                The biggest source of acid rain is the oxides of
A) N                                                                C) O
B) S                                                                 D) C
93                Burning of which one of the following waste is considered as useful industrial fuel or to produced electricity
A) Metals                                                        C) Paper
B) Grass                                                          D) Plastic
96                Standard enthalpy of combustion of graphite at 25°C is –393.51 kJmol–1 and that of diamond is –395.41 kJmol–1. The enthalpy change for graphite is
A) –1.91                                                          C) –2.1
B) +2.1                                                            D) +1.91
97                10.0 grams of glucose are dissolved in water to make 100 cm3 of its solution, its molarity is
A) 0.55                                                            C) 10
B) 0.1                                                              D) 1
98                Given solution contains 16.0 g of CH3OH, 92.0g of C2H5OH and 36g of water. Which statement about mole fraction of the components is true? 
A) Mole fraction of CH3OH is highest among all components
B) Mole fraction of C2H5OH and H2O is the same
C) Mole fraction of CH3OH and C2H5OH is the same
D) Mole fraction of H2O is the lowest among all

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