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ETEA past paper 2011

This is a short collection of questions which came in ETEA 2011.Educational Testing and Evolution Agency asyou know is one of major testing service like NTS and those students who pass it get admission into good universities and colleges.Be sure to check ETEA model paper and other past papers uploaded on NUSTweb.

ETEA 2011 paper

2.The angle subtended at the centre of a sphere by its surface area is equal to:
a.4/3p radian
b.4/3p steradian
c.4p radian
d.4p steradian

3.The anion size are larger than its atomic size because:
a.the addition of electron occupy more space increases the effective nuclear charge
c.the repulsion between electron increases with the addition of electron
d.the attaraction between electrons and the nucleus increases

5.[M°L°T°] are the dimensions of:
b.refractive index
d.all of these

6.Which one would you class it as more metallic in character:

8.The magnitude of the resultant of two forces is 2F. If the magnitude of each force is F . Than the angle between these forces is:
9. If we go away from the surface of the earth, a distance equal to the one third of the radius of the earth, the value of g will be multiplied by?
(a) 1/2 (b) 9/16 (c) 1/9 (d) 16/9

10. For certain values F and d, work done is zero when the angle between the force and displacement is:
(a) 0 degree  (b) 30 degree  (c) 90 degree  (d) 180 degree

11. Suppose the co-efficient of linear expansion of copper is 0.000156 per degree C. What will be the coefficient of volume expansion of copper sphere per degree C?
(a) Same as that of linear expansion (b) Two times as that of linear expansion
(c) Three times as that of linear expansion (d) One half as that of linear expansion

12.  According to the second law of motion, acceleration is proportional to:
(a) Fores (b) Time (c) Mass (d) Distance

14. When the object is placed at 2f of convex lens then the image formed behind the lens will be
A) At the focus B) At 2f C) Beyond 2f D) Between f and 2f

15. When the object is placed at principal focus of a convex lens then the image is formed at
Centre of
A) Same distance B) Infinity C) Same side of lens D) curvature

16. Which one of the following cannot measure wavelength of X-rays in any way
Photo electric
A) Bragg‟s law B) Diffraction grating C) Compton effect D) effect

17. Which one of the following properties is not found in both sound and light
A) Interference B) Diffraction C) Polarization D) Reflection

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