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9 Fundamentals of Trigonometry

Chapter 09: Fundamentals of Trigonometry

1.                  Direction         of         Qibla   is          found by        using

a)      Plane Geometry
b)      Spherical Trigonometry
c)      Plane Trigonometry
d)     Analytical Geometry
e)      None of these
                Answer:           b

2.                  If a circle is divided into 360 parts, then the angle subtended by each part at the center of the circle is called __________

a)      1 radian
b)      1 degree
c)      1 angstrom
d)     1 minute
e)      None of these
                Answer:           b
3.                  The union of two non-collinear rays which have a common endpoint is called the ________

a)      Angle
b)      Radian
c)      Degree
d)     Minute
e)      Second
                Answer:           a

4.                  One degree is denoted by __________

a)      1 rad
b)      1’
c)      1”
d)     1o
e)      None of these

                Answer:           d

1.                  1rt. angle = __________
a)      90o
b)      180o
c)      270o
d)     190o
e)      None of these
                Answer:           a
2.                  The 60th part of one degree is called one

a)      centimeter
b)      radian
c)      degree
d)     minute
e)      none of these
                Answer:           d

3.                  Measure of the central angle of an are of a circle whose length is equal to the radius  of
the circle is known as _________

a)      1 degree
b)      1 radian
c)      1 rt. angle
d)     All of these
e)      None of these
                Answer:           b

4.                  The circumference of a circle r is considered as __________

a)      2πr
b)      πr
c)      3πr
d)     4πr
e)      None of these
                Answer:           a

5.                  1 radian = __________

a)      57°1745′′
b)      47o
c)      37o
d)     38o
e)      None of these
            Answer:           a

6.                  1o = _________

a)      60
b)      60′′
c)      3600
d)     360
e)      None of these
            Answer:           a 

106.      1 + cot22θ = _________ ?

a)      sec2θ
b)      cosec2θ
c)      cosec22θ
d)     sec2θ
e)      none of these
            Answer:           c

12.               The 60th part of one minute is called one

a)       centimeter
b)       radian
c)       degree
d)      minute
e)       second
                Answer:           e

                Answer:           d
15.               One second is denoted by _______

a)       1 rad
b)       1
c)       1′′
d)      1o
e)       None of these
Answer:           c 

 64.                 radians = 

a)             360o
b)             335o
c)             270o
d)            225o
e)             125o
                Answer:           d

65.                The radian measure of the angle at the center of circle of radius 12cm which cuts off an arc 18cm long. 

a)             9.47 radians
b)             1.19 radians
c)             1.5 radians
d)            2.5 radians
e)             None of these
                Answer:           c

67.                The length of the arc cut off on a circle of radius
6cm by a central angle of   radians

a)             12.566cm
b)             10.033cm
c)             12.113cm
d)            9.156cm
e)             6.56cm
                Answer:           a

69.                The radius of the circle when l = 3cm, θ= 3.4 radians. 

a)             0.214 cm
b)             9.419 cm
c)             3.146 cm
d)            4.978 cm
e)             None of these
                Answer:           e

71.                In the second quadrant Sinθ is ________

a)             positive
b)             negative 

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