Saturday, 9 September 2017

Get laptop in Prime minister Laptop scheme 2017

Youth Laptop schemeThe news of Prime minister's laptop scheme for College and University students is released in leading newspapers.

Last date to apply is 30 September, 2017.

You can apply in scheme by heading to HEC website.

How to apply for free Laptop scheme?

Laptop schemeIt is quite easy to get a laptop through the scheme if you qualify for it.You need to choose "new registration" at Prime minister Laptop scheme page.Then you have to enter your CNIC number and personal details.
You are required to select the university in which you are currently studying and percentage of your obtained marks and your GPA.The tough thing is to enter University Enrollment number of HEC.

How to get Enrollment number for Laptop Scheme?

This is also pretty easy.All you have to do is to visit your coordinator in your university campus and ask him to provide you your enrollment number.This step is tough only because it involves people who can be reluctant in helping.Many a time, students are not able to apply either because they are not told of their enrollment number or the university does not confirm you before the prime minister scheme when they ask university for confirmation.

Registration for laptop scheme

The video explains everything in detail.Make sure to watch it carefully.

You need to have an active Email and mobile number to make yourself aware of your selection status.
Simply read terms and services and finish your registration.

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