Saturday, 9 September 2017

Actor in law movie review

Pakistani latest movieDespite some good themes and criticism of corruption , there are some things which targeted the basic principal on which Pakistan is based. The Islamic identity of Muslims is directly challenged and the movie tried to prove that indeed movies are nothing but a mouthpiece of devil. The acting of Mehwish hayat was dull and biased.

The revealing clothes she wore and scene with mini shorts clearly show the intention of movie producers to modify and deteriorate the Islamic character of Pakistani society. On one side , she seems objecting the staring of young men when she wore revealing clothes and on the other hand promoting hugging and french-kissing [last scene] with a man with non-marital relationship.
Natural lawsThe movie deserves 0/10 but the least I could give. May God save Pakistan from such filth which separate it from India.

Moreover the part which was intended to make it funny was very unrealistic.The only thing for which the movie could be praised is its having little filth as compared to new Pakistani movies with item songs.The main objection on the movie is not even its filth but to defend filth as right.It can be exemplified with a movie which features a rape scene with commenting on it while another movie mentions rape with praise and tries to defend it as the right of people.

The people of Pakistan are no doubt good and will reject such themes which try to destruct the social system of Pakistan. This is the social system which gives women respect in all walks of life unlike west where there is nothing remains like "ladies first" or such respect to give them seat in a bus to avoid their difficulty of standing up.

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