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Total MCQs: 220                                                                                           Max. Marks: 1100
For F.Sc. and Non-F.Sc. Students
Time Allowed: 150 Minutes

Q.1            The magnetic field in a certain region is given by Wb m-2. How much flux passes through a 5.0cm2 area loop in this region if the loop lies flat in the xy – plane?
A) 250 x 10-4 Wb                                            B) 90 x 10-4 Wb
C) 141 x 10-4 Wb                                            D) 100 x 10-4 Wb
Q.2            Principal of homogenty of equation used to check:
A) Variables of equation                                 B) Constants of equation
C) Both variable and constants equation        D) Correctness of equation 
Q.3            If magnitude of a vector is 8N, and it makes angle 30o with x-axis, then its x and y components are:

Q.4            The difference of vector and is:
A) Zero                                                           B) Less than magnitude of
            C)                                                                    D)
Q.5            If distance of a point from pivot is “l” and a force “F” is applied such that it passes from the pivot then the torque produced in the body will be:
A) Zero                                                           B) lF sin q n
C) l F cos q                                                      D) lF
Q.6             A body is in complete equilibrium when:
A) Only translational acceleration is zero
B) Only rotational acceleration is zero
C) Both translational and rotational accelerations are zero
D) None
Q.7            If velocity of a body changes by equal amount in equal intervals of time, the body is said to have:
A) Uniform velocity                                       B) Uniform acceleration
C) Variable acceleration                                  D) Zero acceleration
Q.8            If a force of 12N is applied on a body and its momentum is changed form 60 kgms-1 to 36 kg ms-1, then find the time during, which this force acts:
A) 1 second                                                     B) 12 seconds
C) 2 seconds                                                   D) 24 seconds
Q.9            For finding the height of projectile, the equation used is:
A) 2S = a (vf2 – vi2)                                         B) S = 2a (vf2 – vi2)
C) 2aS = vf2 – vi2                                            D) a = 2S (vf2 – vi2)
Q.10        Time of light for a projectile is a given by:

Q.11        Which of the following is non-conservative force:
A) Gravitational force                                     B) Elastic spring force
C) Frictional force                                          D)

Q.12        Escape velocity for earth is 11 km/s. Its value for moon is:
A) 2.4 km/s                                                     B) 5.0 km;/s
C) 4.3 km/s                                                      D) 10.4 km/s
Q.13        On a clear day at noon, the intensity of solar energy reaching the Earth’s surface is about:
A) 1.0 Wm-2                                                    B) 1.4 Wm-2
C) 1.0 kWm-2                                                 D) 21.4 kWm-2
Q.14        A circle of radius 1m rolls through some distance making an angle 180o at the centre; find the distance:
A) 3.14 m                                                        B) 3.14 rad
C) 5m                                                              D) 2.8 m

Q.16         If lift is accelerating upwards, the apparent weight of a body inside the lift will appear:
A) Equal to real weight                                   B) Less than real weight
C) Greater than real weight                         D) None
Q.17        Law of conservation of mass gives us:
A) Bernoulli’s equation                                   B) Venturi equation
C) Equation of continuity                             D) Torricelli equation
Q.18        Blood vessels collapse when external pressure is:
A) Zero                                                           B) Greater than systolic pressure
C) Less than systolic pressure                         D) Equal to systolic pressure
Q.19        At t = 0 a body performing simple harmonic motion is at mean position; when t = T/4, it will be:
A) Between mean and extreme position         B) Beyond extreme position
C) Again at mean position                              D)
Q.20        In a simple pendulum, the tension in the sting is:
A) mg sinq                                                      B) g cosq
C) mg cosq                                                     D) gq
Q.21        Two waves of same amplitude are traveling in the same direction and are out of phase, their resultant wave is:
A) Zero                                                           B) Equal to sum of their amplitudes
C) Equal to difference of their amplitudes     D) Equal to half of their amplitude
Q.22        A tuning fork of unknown frequency fives 4 beats with 240Hz tuning fork and 8 beats with 252Hz tuning fork; the unknown frequency is:
A) 244 Hz                                                       B) 260 Hz
C) 236 Hz                                                       D) 288 Hz
Q.23        A pipe closed at one end has length 25cm, the wavelength of first harmonic will be:
A) 25cm                                                          B) 100cm
C) 50cm                                                          D) 200cm
Q.24        In Young’s double slit experiment, the path difference BD for destructive interference is:
                                             B) 2l
C) ml                                                              D) 3l
Q.25        In Newton’s rings, at the point of contact of the lens and the glass plate, and additional path difference of____________ in introduced.
A) l                                                                 B) l/2
C) 3l                                                               D) l/4
Q.26        If l/n use of a grating speed remarks
A) l/Dl                                                          B) l/l2
C) N x m                                                         D) d sinq
Q.27        Which of the following will travel fastest in an optical fiber:
A) Ordinary light                                            B) Ultraviolet
C) Visible light                                                D) Invisible infrared
Q.28        Which of the following is a postulate of kinetic theory of gases:
A) A finite volume of a gas consists of a small number of molecules.
B) The size of the molecules is much larger than the separating between them
C) Molecules do not exert force on each other except during a collision.
D) The gas molecules are in no-random motion
Q.29        The value of universal gas constant is:
A) 8.314 J mol-1K-1                                        B) 100 J mol-1K-1
C) 8.32 J mol-1K-1                                            D) 1.38 x 10-23 J mol-1K-1
Q.30        The turbine in a steam power plant takes steam from a boiler at 427oC and exhausts into a low temperature reservoir at 77oC. What is the maximum possible efficiency?
A) 50%                                                           B) 70%
C) 60%                                                            D) 80%
Q.31        Which of the following is not irreversible:
A) Slow compression of a gas                       B) Friction
C) Explosion                                                   D) Dissipation of energy
Q.32        The unit of electric flux is:
A) Nm2 C-2                                                      B) Nm C-1
C) Nm2 C-1                                                      D) Nm C-2
Q.33        ______________ in a circuit is defined as that current which passes from a point at higher potential to a point a lower potential as if it represent a movement in positive charge.
A) Electric current                                          B) Electric field
C)                                                                    D)
Q.34        Electrical energy used per second is given by:
A) IV                                                              B) V2/R
C) I2R                                                              D) All of these
Q.35        The electric field between two oppositely charged placates is given by:

Q.36        The force on a current carrying conductor in a uniform magnetic field is given by:
A) ILB cos a                                                  B) IAL cos a
C) ILB sin a                                                  D) IAL sin a
Q.37        Torque on a current carrying coil is given by
A) IBL cos a                                                  B) IBA cos a
C) IBL sin a                                                   D) IBA sin a
Q.38        If a rod is dragged perpendicularly through magnetic field of 0.25T with velocity 0.5 m/s, and length of the rod is 25cm, then emf induced in the rod will be:
A) 3.12 x 10-2V                                               B) 5.5 x 10-2V
C) 50 x 10-2V                                                  D) 6 x 10-2V
Q.39        The unit of mutual inductance is:
A) Vs-1A                                                         B) Vs A-2
C) Vs-1 A-1                                                       D) VsA-1
Q.40        What is the function of Commutator:
A) If prevents the direction of current from changing in D.C. generator
Q.41        What is the reactance of a capacitor of 100 mF having voltage of 50Hz frequency:
A) 31.8 W                                                       B) 31.8 F
C) 40 W                                                           D) 39 W
Q.42         Net charge on n-type substance is:
A) 0.7 V                                                          B) 0.25 V
C) 0.3 V                                                          D) 0.07 V

Q.43        Yttrium barium copper oxide becomes superconductor at:
A) 163 K                                                         B) 77 K
C) 125 K                                                         D) 7.2 K
Q.44        The base of transistor is of the order of:
A) 10-6                                                             B) 10-4 m
C) 10-6 m                                                         D) 10-6 mm
Q.45        Closed loop gain of op-amplifier depends upon:
A) Internal resistance                                      B) Internal circuit
C) Externally connected resistance              D) Applied voltage
Q.46        The minimum frequency below which no electrons are emitted in photoelectric effect is called:
A) Threshold frequency                               B)
C)                                                                    D)
Q.47        Speed of electron in the first hydrogen orbit is:
A) 2.19 x 106 m/s                                            B) 2.2 x 106 m/s
C)                                                                    D)
Q.48        LASER is the potential source of inducing reactions
A) Fusion                                                       B) Fission
C) x-ray reaction                                             D)
Q.49        Which relation is correct for radioactive decay:
A) DN a - NDt                                          
Q.50        Decay constant is given by:
Q.51        SI unit of absorbed does “D” is gray. One gray is equal to:
A) 1 Jkg-1                                                        B) 1 kJ/kg
C) 1 J/g                                                            D) 1 kJ/g
Q.52        To decrease sensitivity:
A) is increased                                     B)
Q.53        When electron in the transmitting antenna vibrate 94,000 times each second, they produce radio waves of frequency.
A) 94 k Hz                                                     
Q.54        Potential barrier for germanium is:
A) 0.3 V                                                       
Q.55        Value of Wien’s constant is:
A) 2.9 x 10-3 mK                                            

Total MCQs: 220                                                                                           Max. Marks: 1100
For F.Sc. and Non-F.Sc. Students
Time Allowed: 150 Minutes

Q.56        Relative abundance of isotopes can be calculated by:
            A) Crystallization                                            B) Mass spectrometry
            C) Sublimation                                                D) Solvent extraction
Q.57        One mole of any gas at standard temperature and pressure occupies a volume of:
            A) 22.414 dm3                                                B) 2.214 dm3
            C) 22.414cm3                                                  D) 2.214 cm3
Q.58        If we are given the mass of one substance we can calculate the volume of the other and vice-versia. It is known as:
            A) Mass-mass relationship                              B) Mole-mole relationship
            C) Mass-mole relationship                              D) Mass-volume relationship
Q.59        Which of the following can be purified by sublimation:
            A) Sodium chloride                                        B) Lead sulphate
            C) Benzoic acid                                              D) Borium nitrate
Q.60        Root mean square velocity of a gas is inversely proportional to the square root of:
            A) Molar mass                                               B) Volume
            C) Pressure                                                      D) Temperature
Q.61        Plasma consists of:
            A) Ions and electrone                                     B) Atoms & electrons
            C) Ion, atoms & electrons                             D) Atoms & ions
Q.62        Forces of attraction present between gasoline molecules are:
            A) London forces                                          B)
            C)                                                                    D)
Q.63        In NaCl crystal lattice, each Na+ is surrounded by __________ Cl iosn:
            A) 4                                                                 B) 2
            C) 8                                                                 D) 6
Q.64        Charge on one gram of electrons is:
            A) 1.7588 x 108C                                            B)
            C)                                                                    D)
Q.65        Which quantum number tells us about the orientation of orbitals in space:
            A) Magnetic quantum number                    B)
            C)                                                                    D)
Q.66        Interionic distance in KCl crystal lattice is:
            A) 314 Pm                                                       B)
            C)                                                                    D)
Q.67        The minimum amount of energy is required to remove an electron from its isolated gaseous atom is:
            A) Ionization energy                                     B)
            No. of bonds in nitrogen molecule:
            A) One , two                                            B)
            Which of the following molecules has zero dipole moment?
Q.68        A spontaneous reaction is:
            A) Unidirectional and real                              B) Unidirectional and irreversible
            C) Trreversible and real                                   D) All of these

Q.69        Enthaply of solution of ammonium chloride is:
            A) +16.2 kJ/mol                                             B)
            Unit of Kc for the following reaction is :
            A) No unit                                                      B)
            If molarity of acetic acid 0.1 M, then its percentage ionization is:
            A) 1.33%                                                        B)
Q.70        Sea water has 5.65 x 10-3 g of dissolved oxygen in one kg of water calculate the concentration of oxygen in sea water in parts per million:
            A) 5.65 ppm                                                   B)
            C)                                                                    D)
Q.71        In voltaic cell, electricity is conducted through:
            A) Redox reaction                                         B)
            C)                                                                    D)
            A)                                                                    B)
            C)                                                                    D)
Q.73        The rate of a reaction involving ions can be studied by:
            A) Electrical conductivity                             B)
            C)                                                                    D)
Q.74        Solubility curve of :
            A) Shows exceptional behaviour                 
Q.75        Glucose is converted into ethanol by the enzyme present in the  yeast.
            A) zymase                                                       B)
            C)                                                                    D)
Q.76        When one mole of gaseous hydrogen ions are dissolved in water to make infinitely dilute solution, the amount of heal liberated is:
            A) -1075 kT mol-1                                          B)
            C)                                                                    D)
Q.77        Which of the following carbonate of alkali metals decompose on heating to give its oxide:
Q.78        An adequate supply of calcium appears to stimulate the development of:
            A) root hairs                                                  B)
            C)                                                                    D)
Q.79        Which of the following sulphates is not soluble in water?
            A) Sodium sulphate                                        B) Potassium sulphate
            C) Zinc sulphate                                              D) Barium sulphate
Q.80        White lead is:
            A) amorphous                                                B)
            C)                                                                    D)
Q.81        Density of gases IIIA ___________ down the group:
            A) gradually increase                                    B)
            C)                                                                    D)
Q.82        Amony halogen acids, the strongest acid is:
            A) HI                                                              B)
            C)                                                                    D)
Q.83        Which noble gas is used in radiotherapy for the treatment of cances:
            A) Radon                                                       B)
            C)                                                                    D)
Q.84        The geometry of complexes depend upon_______ taking place in the valence shell of the central metal atom:
            A) Type of hybridization (Book II Page No. 105)               B)
            C)                                                                    D)

Q.85        Acitified KMnO4 is:
            A) Oxidizing agent                                        B)
            C)                                                                    D)
Q.86        _________ produces gasoline of high actance number:
            A) Catalytic cracking                                    B)
            C)                                                                    D)
Q.87        Symmetrical alkanes can be prepared by:
            A) Kalhe’s electrolytic method                     B)
            C)                                                                    D)
Q.88        For the preposition of acrylonitraile from ethyne the catalyst used is:
Q.89        When a hydrogen atom is removed from benzene, we get a _____ group:
            A) Phenyl                                                       B)
            C)                                                                    D)
Q.90        Nitration of benzene takes place when it is heated with 1:1 mixture of ______ at 50-55oC:
            A) Conc.HNO3 and Conc H2SO4                 B)
            C)                                                                    D)
Q.91        In SN2 reactions, configuration of substrate molecule:
            A) Gets invested                                            B)
            C)                                                                    D)
Q.92        For preparing Grignard reagent, Mg metal is reacted with alkyl halide in:
            A) Dry ether                                                  B)
            C)                                                                    D)
Q.93        For the preparation of methanol from carbon monoxide and hydrogen the catalyst is:
            A) ZnO+Cr2O3                                                B)
            C)                                                                    D)
Q.94        Ethyl alcohol reacts with ammonia to form ethyl amine; the catalyst used for this reaction is:
            A) ThO2                                                          B)
            C)                                                                    D)
Q.95        Dissociation constant of phenol is:
            A) 1.3x10-10                                                     B)
            C)                                                                    D)
Q.96        When phenol is converted into benzene with Zn then it is:
            A) Reduction                                                 B)
            C)                                                                    D)
Q.97        _____________ can be prepared by the dry distillation of a mixture of calcium salts of formic acid and acetic acid:
            A) Acetaldehyde                                            B)
            C)                                                                    D)
Q.98        The cyano group  is hydrolysed by an aqueous acid into:
            A) carboxylic acid                                         B)
            C)                                                                    D)
Q.99        Aldehydes form brick-red precipitate with
            A) Febling solution                                         B)
            C)                                                                    D)
Q.100    The nature of amina acid lysine is:
            A) Basic                                              B)
            C)                                                                    D)

Q.101    An aqueous solution of an organic compound reacts,l with sodium carbonate to, produce carbon dioxide gas. Which one of the following could be the organic compound: (Book II page = 265)
Q.102    Fegumin and collagen are:
            A) Simple proteins                                          B)
            C)                                                                    D)
Q.103    Precursor of steroid hormones is:
            A) Cholesterol                                                B)
            C)                                                                    D)
Q.104    In the manufacture of urea, ammonia is reacted with:
            A) carbon dioxide                                          B)
            C)                                                                    D)
Q.105    Formula for crystals of calcium sulpho-aluminate is:
            A) 3Ca.Al2O3.3CaSO4.2H2O                         B)
            C)                                                                    D)
Q.106    Ozone layer is present in:
            A) Biosphere                                                   B) Hydrosphere
            C) Lithosphere                                                D) Upper atomosphere
Q.107    To improve the whiteness of recycled newspaper, it is treated with:
            A) Peroxides                                                  B) Superoxides
            C) Suboxides                                                  D) NaOH
Q.108    In purification of portable water, the coagulant used is:
            A) Alum                                                         B)
            C)                                                                    D)

Total MCQs: 220                                                                                           Max. Marks: 1100
For F.Sc. and Non-F.Sc. Students
Time Allowed: 150 Minutes

Q.109    Boulder: Sounded stone / small hill:
Q.110    Connoisseur: an expert in art who can airticize, etc.
Q.111    Excrement: waste material voided from the body.
Q.112    Thrifty ______ housewives preserved their home-grown vegetables and fruits in canning, pickling or drying them for use during the cold weather.
Q.113     Felicity: Intense happiness.
Q.114     Captivate: fascinate
Q.115     Eccentric: Odd
Q.116     Wallow: roll about
Q.117     Enmeshed: entangled
Q.118      Slumber: sleep
Q.119     Visage: a person’s face
Q.120     Choose the correct reference: Computer is a great means of communication
Q.121     Suddenly he stopped at the edge of the meadow, taking his packet knife from his pocket and cut a wisp of alfalfa.
Q.122     Choose the correct: Suddenly he remembered that he had left the doos unlocked.
Q.123    Please _______ the door after your
            A) Close                                                          B) Stop
            C) Shut                                                           D) Knock

Total MCQs: 220                                                                                           Max. Marks: 1100
For F.Sc. and Non-F.Sc. Students
Time Allowed: 150 Minutes

Q.124    Among following, which is the lowest level of biological organization:
            A) Biosphere                                                   B) Autecology
            C) Multicellular organism                            D) Species
Q.125    Cloning is a type of:
            A) Asexual reproduction                              B)
            C)                                                                    D)
Q.126    When an electron pair is shared between two atoms ______ results:
            A) Single covalent bond                                B)
            C)                                                                    D)
Q.127    An activated enzyme consisting of polypeptide chain and a cofactor is known as:
            A) Holoenzyme                                              B)
            C)                                                                    D)
Q.128    They form weak linkages with enzyme and their effect can be neutralized completely or partly by an increase in the concentration of the substract:
            A) Reversible Inhhibitors                             B)
            C)                                                                    D)
Q.129    The strengthening material of prokaryotic cell wall is:
            A) Peptidoglycan                                           B)
            C)                                                                    D)
Q.130    The entire prokaryotic cell wall is often regarded as a single huge molecule or molecular complex called:
            A) saccules                                         B)
            C)                                                                    D)
Q.131    Microtubules are made up of protein called:
            A) Tubulin                                                     B)
            C)                                                                    D)
Q.132    Many trees of this family provide commercially important wood:
            A) Mimosaccae (Book I page 160)              
Q.133    Book lungs are present in class:
            A) Arachida                                              
Q.134    Larvae of phylum __________ scrambles chordates:
            A) Fchinodermala                                     
Q.135    Which of the following is distinguishing character of mammals only:
            A) Hair on body                                            B) 4-chambered
            C) Homeathesms                                             D) Poikilotherms
Q.136    An instrument called ______ is used to measure relative abilities of different pigments to absorb different wavelengths of light:
            A) Spectrophotometer                                  B)
            C)                                                                    D)
Q.137    Anaerobic respiration in yeast and muscles yield:
            A) Ethyl alcohol, , lactic acid           

Q.138    Kireb’s cycle takes place in:
            A) Mitochondria                                           
Q.139    Enzyme amylase digests:
            A) Carbohydrates                                        
Q.140    Tleacolic sphincter is present at the function of:
            A) Cleum and dargeintestine                       
Q.141    Urine in bladder is controlled by _____________ muscles:
            A) Sphincter                                                 
Q.142    This term is employed to the loss of appetite due to fear of becoming obese:
            A) Anorexia Nervosa                                              
Q.143    Functional unit of lungs are:
            A) Air-sacs                                                     
Q.144    During expiration:
            A) Intercostal and diaphragm muscles relax 
Q.145    The oxygen carrying capacity of hemoglobin is directly proportional to:
            A) pH                                                          
Q.146    Granulocytes (White blood cells) are formed in:
            A) Red bone marrow                                   
Q.147    Which of the following best describes the function of sinu-atrial node:
            A) It sends electrical impulses to the artrial muscles causing theme to contract
Q.148    Metabolism of nucleid acid produce waste the form of:
            A) Uric acid                                                   B)
            C)                                                                    D)
Q.149    Is the central istation of metabolism and consequently the body’s central metabolic clearing house:
            A) Liver                                                        
Q.150    The living cells of cartilage are called:
            A) Chondracytes                                           
Q.151    ________ is the disease which cuases immobility and fusion of vertebral joints:
            A) Spondylosis                                               B)  
Q.152    When skeletal muscle contracts:
            A) I band shorter                                     
            A) More positive, outside than inside          B)
Q.154    Which of the following is incorrect about hormones:
            A) They initial new biochemical reactions  

Q.156    Reflexes and instincts include:
            A) Biological rhythms, territorial behaviour courtship 
Q.157    Repeated advisors in cells of germinal epithelium first of all produces:
            A) Spermatogonia                                        
Q.158    Gray equatorial cytoplasm produces:
            A) Notochoid and neural tube                    
Q.159    In karyotype, chromosomes are arranged based on their:
            A) Type only                                                   B) Size only
            C) Size and type                                            D) Size, type and chemical
Q.160    Animo acid attaches to which place of IRNA:
            A)  end                                            
Q.161    Organisms, which brings benefit to both the organisms:
            A) Commensalisms                                         B) Predation
            C) Symbiosis                                                  D) Parasitism
Q.162    In aquatic ecosystem, human activities may greatly accelerate the process of:
            A) Eutrophication                                         
Q.163    Beriberi is a diseasel due to:
            A) Nutritional deficiency                             
Q.164    DNA replication begins at:
            A) One or more sites on DNA where there is a specific reference
Q.165    The first genome sequenced in July 28, 1995 was of:
            A) Haemophilus influenzae                    
Q.166    Only ________ have paralleled fungi in their function of decomposition:
            A) Bacteria                                                                 
Q.167    Which of the following property is not shared by angiosperms and gymnosperms:
            A) Pollen tube                                                 B) Ovule
            C) Ovary                                                        D) Seed
Q.168    _______ is the process by which energy is made available to cells in a step by step breakdown of C-chain molecules in the cell:
            A) Cellular respiration                                
Q.169    The flow of lumph is maintained by:
            A) Activity of skeletal muscles, valves, breathing movements

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